The Laughing Emperor

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Ashikaga - A noble but small clan of officers and strategists from which the Master-at-Arms, first officer, Chief Bosun and the Infernus Master hail. This clan is effectively in charge of the smooth running of the ship and can have other clans suitably punished for not doing their duty.

Hattori - A merchant clan know for intrigue, home to the Master of Whispers

Uesgi - A religious clan, in charge of ensuring devotion to the Emperor! Home to the ship's Missionary.

Mori - A mystical clan to which the Navigator, Carto-Artifex, and Choir-Master Telepathica belong.

Kobayakawa - A vassal to the Mori. Their leader is the Master Helmsman Spires and also includes the Master of Etherics and Master of the Vox effectively making it a clan of bridge officers, auspex operators, and in charge of the air-waves.

Hojo - In charge of engineering, technical things, and dealing with the swarms of adeptus mechanicus pilgrims. Contains the explorator, Drivemaster and the Omnissianic Congregator.

Chosokabe - A vassal-clan to the Hojo, contains the master of ordenance. Has a stormy relationship with its masters.

Kira - A vassal to the Hojo, who provide them with medical equipment and such. Lead by the Chief Chirurgeon but are currently homeless due to the destruction of the Medicae deck, and are thus inhabiting the various infirmaries that each of the other clans possess, as they are far more skilled than the other clan's doctors, though no-one is really happy with that situation.

Ito - A Financial clan containing the High Factotum, the Purser, and the Ship's Steward.

Burakumin - outcasts of the other clans live on the underdecks and are expected to elect a Twistcatcher to ensure that the mutant population is kept under control, otherwise the Master-At-Arms will have them culled. . . .


Jeeves - Seneschal and Master of Wispers.

Makara - Missionary and former guardswoman.

Drace Spires - Void-Master and Master Helmsman.


Flagship: Mars-Class Battle-cruiser Yamato

Carrack-Class Transport ship John Doe


Session 1 - As told by Rogue Trader Takezo

Session 2 - As told by Jeeves

Session 3 - As told by Rogue Trader Takezo

Session 4 - Report to the clan council by Hattori Jeeves

Session 5 - A diary entry of Makaras


Current Profit Factor: 40