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The Hattori clan stretches back at least 2 millennia on the Yamoto. There exact origin is lost to the mists of time but it is thought that they split off from a previous clan after a time of major civil war on the ship. They spent several centuries as a minor clan only barely above Burakumin. Their fortunes started to turn when they managed to wrestle control of a minor storage hold off another clan and found it to be stocked with important Archeotech which they traded with the forerunners of the Hojo clan for access to further storage areas the contents of which they used to gain access to more storage areas and so on until by the dawn of the 40th Millennia they were promoted to the ranks of the major clans. It is thought that at this point the feud with the Ito clan started over debts made to finance the expansion of the clan.

The rise to power came to a head when several other major clans, including the rogue traider of the time worried by the Hattori’s growth joined forces to punish the rising clan. In less than a year the Hattori’s holdings and personnel were cut by half. In the midst of this bloodshed Tojo Hattori became the leader of the clan. Soon after this event several of the leaders of the attacking clans died of ‘natural causes’ even the Rogue Trader herself was not immune and her successor decided to leave the Hattori alone, making Tojo the new Jeeves as a peace offering. This fortuitous event if often though to be the work of the Bengosha.

The Hattori maintained the status quo for most of the rest of the Millennia mainly keeping the role of the Jeeves as well as several minor roles within the family while maintaining their hold on the storage bays. Several members of the clan were opposed to the introduction of the new Jeeves upon the death of the previous Jeeves but these seem to have now accepted him. The clan is generally considered to be quite conservative although its leader the current Jeeves has been gently pushing for reform and there are rumours this may split the clan. Since the inauguration of the current Jeeves the clans power has started to drop off although it is still a major mover and shaker in ship politics.


Most of the holdings of the Hattori clan are centred around the main storage holds of the Yomoto. A large proportion of their income by providing other clans with essentials such as food and water from these stores. They also hold several entertainment and recreational areas around the ship.


The Hattori clan has traditionally had an uneasy relationship with the other major clans of the ship. Rather than forming strong relationships with other clans the Hattori tended to keep them at arm’s length and try to maintain a position of neutrality. Given their position as the clain with the largest spy network the Hattori often claim to hold blackmail material on the other clan leaders. This has led to few clans trusting the Hattori but also few truly hating them. The exception is the Ito clan who are traditional enemies of the Hattori. The feud stretches back a millennium to when the Hattori clan was rising to power, it is said that the Ito leant the Hattori significant capital to fuel their expansion and lost out when the Hattori refused to honour their debt. The Ito has ever since attempted to ruin the Hattori to get back what they owe. With the Ito's recent change in leadership it is yet to be seen if this situation will change.

More recently the clan has extended friendship to several other clans. A strong alliance has recently been formed with Omnissianic Congregator of the Hojo clan with several of the Hattori senior members joining the Adaptus Mechanicus. The Hattori have also made attempts to ally with the Kira clan. The Hattori have offered to provide a permanent home for the nomadic clan but to date they are still playing the field to try and get the best offer possible.

It is rumoured that the Hattori control the Bengosha (defenders). The Bengosha are a cult of spys and assassins thought to inhabit the dark lifeless parts of the ship emerging only to kill the enemies of their Hattori masters. It is said that the Bengosha are mutants and carry out rituals to the dark gods although others think they are just a rumour and no such group truly exists. The Hattori have several small vassal clans mostly made up of Burakumin who have provided a service to the Hattori.


The Seneschal, known by tradition as the Jeeves, is the leader of the Hattori. Members of the clan close to Jeeves are Kana who is his second in command and like his master had raised himself up from the gun decks to becoming a member of the clan and is rumoured to be a member of the Bengosha and Goro Jeeves bodyguard.

The only other major officer in the clan is Hahaoya who is the mistress of Geisha and the Rogue Traders official courtesan. Hahaoya is over 200 years old although thanks to rejuvenation technology barely looks in her 20s and is rumoured to have had at least one child a year since she was 16. She certainly has at least 100 children currently alive and several thousand grandchildren and other descendents. Her previous lovers are rumoured to include the previous Jeeves and the previous Rogue Trader. In fact she is related to most of the clan which has lead to the superstition that many of the clan look very similar.

Other important members of the clan are Jukio who claims descent from Tojo Hattori although he is widely believed to be an inbred idiot and Block a mercenary rumoured to be half Ogron who often acts as Jeeves enforcer.


The Hattori as the household of the Jeeves collect and store information about the markets on various worlds through the sector as well as maintaining several storehouses of vial materials for the rest of the ship and maintain a large web of spies both inside the ship and without. All clans assume that they contain atleast some Hattori spys amoung their numbers. It is known that the Hattori have recently started paying Burakumin for any information they might have about the parts of the ship they inhabit.

The Hattori clan also have a role providing the ship with entertainment and amusement holding several bars, theatres and brothels around the ship. The Hattori are also rumoured to have limited control over some of the blackmarket produce on the ship selling such wears through their entertainment arm.


The Hattori has very little in the way of a conventional military force; it has a clan specific police force used to deal with internal disputes and could if the ship was boarded field a mob of poorly armed Burakumin.


Like most of the ship’s crew the Hattori follow a version of the imperial creed which contains many saints taken from the line of the Rogue Trader and other important officers in the history of the ship. Tojo Hattori is considered the guardian saint of the clan and statues and paintings of him adorn many of the clans holdings.

In addition Jeeves and several of the leaders within the clan have joined the Adaptus Mechanicus as part of the alliance with the Hojo. The particular cult they belong to preaches the absolute link between the God Emperor and the Omnisiad picturing them as a two headed entity in the same way as the imperial two headed eagle. The cult preaches the superiority of the machine over the flesh but also that the human form is divine. This leads to the cults members only using the most humanoid bionics often of high quality and cost.