Session 1

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This week on Rogue Trader:

  • Takezo's officers moan and groan in an opulent room*

The glorious and marvellous Rogue Trader found himself in quite the pickle as the military leader Grey *enter scene with blonde hair and a villain's thin goatee, laughing manically* impounded the Yamato for his own sinister purposes. Although the crew had all but forsaken hope, Takezo did not. Takezo simply waited.

  • enter mess hall with other officers*

Using his god-like understanding of human emotions and great insight, the captain was able to read through Grey's officers and find a crack in the madman's fortress.

  • show Grey's officers being flung away like ragdolls by Takezo's simple gesture of dismissal until he finds two that stand out. Drawing his fingers towards him, the officers are pulled by strings towards him. The captain whispers something in their ears and they discard their uniforms in favour of the Tokugawa colours*

With some help from his posse and sycophants, a just rebellion was staged against the tyrannical general Grey, providing a distraction carefully planned by the genius captain. Midway through the escape, *show Takezo masterfully taking on with his trusted and legendary hereditary plasma pistol a squad of faceless and technological monstrosities that Grey uses for bodyguards* the Tyranid overlords tried to use the Yamato's moment of weakness to attack and kill the famed Rogue Trader once and for all.

Of course, they failed.

  • show soldiers waving the flag of the Yamato overwhelming with fierce devotion and a valiant battle cry the onslaught of Tyranid forces whilst shouting the name of their lord captain in hopes of earning the greatest of boons - his acknowledgment*

Leaving Grey's command room in smouldering ruins, Takezo and his crew got out of the compound and back onto the Yamato, dodging deftly ground barrages and spores like a leaf in the wind. Of course at this point the tide of the battle was turned as the battlefleet Coronus was given the aid of the Yamato.

  • show puny little frigates and light cruisers struggling with the hive fleet, until the Yamato unleashes its one-shot-kill Nova cannon, disintegrating the Tyranid ships*

For rescuing the planet and the vanguard of the fleet, Tokugawa Takezo was invited onboard the flagship. So humble was he that not only did he wish to honour the officers who had set his brilliant plan in motion by taking them with him to the flagship, but he also forgave the technicians who destroyed his shrine of meditation and preparation room.

  • show the crew falling to their knees, tears in their eyes as the lord captain graces them by walking past them. They could not ask for a better lord to serve*