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Little is know of the current Jeeves' early life. It is known that he worked his way up from the gun decks to being a trusted assistant to the previous Jeeves. However, it was a near complete surprise when the previous Jeeves named him his successor. The two of them and several other agents had been sent ahead of the ship to arrange a pirate hunting contract with an Imperial governor. Their shuttle was shot down by pirates and the crew killed. The old and new Jeeves then infiltrated the governor's palace and found evidence that the governor was planning to try and hijack the Yamoto, in a firefight the old Jeeves was badly injured and died shortly after he was rescued but after nominating the current Jeeves as his successor. This move was not taken well by the rest of his clan and several important members openly accused Jeeves of killing his predecessor, however after several years he has seemed to have been accepted by the clan and has slowly pushed for reform of the ship's traditions.


Jeeves is a tall, thin man in his late 70s although due to rejuv' treatments he appears less than half that. He wears a plain but always spotless uniform when on ship or at official functions, in combat he wears a more armoured, but just as clean, version of the same uniform. He is thought to have several bionic enhancements but if so there are no outward signs.


Among senior officers and high ranking officials Jeeves plays the part of a highly efficient and discrete servant, he is always polite and efficient, attempting to deal with the requirements of others before they even know them themselves. With lower ranking staff he takes on the personality of a drill sergeant bossing and belittling them as much as he can.