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How the clan started is no longer known for all the records have been removed. What is known that the clan has changed very little over time still using the same tradition that they all ways with a few new one here or there. At one time there were two other smaller clans that competed with the Uesgi clan. The Uesgi had control of the main temple with the other two having small shrines about the ship.

Over time Uesgi and the two smaller clans wane from competing to outright war each one fight with the thinking that there way was the right way this small civil war at first wean Uesgi way being bigger that both the other clan and because the smaller clan were also fighting each other as well as the Uesgi over time the smaller clans join together to take on the larger Uesgi clans this led to a stalemate only broke wane the rogue trader at the time backed the Uesgi clan and add the her forces to that of the Uesgi the smaller clans were quaky defeated and what was left was add to the Uesgi.

Over the Millennia the Uesgi have only gotten bigger and bigger to the point that to remove then will take most of the lager clans working together and even doing this will have a very heavy cost of life as the clan will fight to the last for then only the Emperor has the power to remove them from there post, but this is unlikely as the clan is renowned for their willingness to help other and thinking about the needs of the ship over their own.


Most of the clan live around the great temple with small clan outposts around the many shrines about the ship.


The Uesgi have a good working relationship with the clans of the ship, the Hojo are the exception to this. The relationship between the Hojo and the Uesgi often moves from good to cold war, right now they’re at an uneasy tolerance for each other, working together when needed but one or two fights have broken out mostly due to their religious differences. Makara has been trying to mend relationship between the two clan but right now it looks to be a long and hard battle.

On the other hand the Uesgi and the Ashikaga have a strong working relationship. The Uesgi needing the Ashikaga to get a better idea of how the other clans’ morale is and where it is best to send their clergymen to help the ship's morale, as of the Ashikaga need the Uesgi Kitsune kill teams to cleans ethe mutants.


Makara Von Hellsing is the clan confessor and outcast on a ship of thousands. Trying to fit into clan life, she has the respect of the clan but no friends save for the Nekomata Twins who are themselves outcast within the clan. The three of them became close almost at once. Right now she has a good, if cold, working relationship with the ship-board offers

Anna and Uni Uesgi the Nekomata twins are outcast in their own clan this is thanks to being thieves. Wanted for the theft of many archeotech items from the many Noble houses, the archeotech often find their way to the Hojo for a no small sum, The Uesgi look down on this but because they only steal from the outsiders the clan have on reason to turn them in and some of the money they make often go to helping the clan giving even less reason to do so. The arrival of the new confessor has given the twins a new comrade, all being outcasts then banded together. Makara have been in the guard she is no stranger to “taking stuff without asking” and to have someone that can give her what rely going on with the clan the twins have also made them slef Makara's personal bodyguards and Makara can't convince them other ways. The twins are identical, both having long and untidy bright white blond hair, ice blue eyes, use Synskin bodygloves, and when out on jobs, change into Enforcer light carapace which they stole as they were backing out of an Adeptus Arbites cell and when guarding Makara. Armed with Jackal-pattern Hellpistols and Hellguns.

The commander of the Kitsune. Daisoujou is said to be over 200 years old, never seen without the skull mask on and with its prayer beads and hand bell. Daisoujou trains every new generation of Kitsune. Other than this very little is known about Daisoujou's past. There is a rumour that Daisoujou is the only person on the ship that can take on the Master-At-Arms at one on one combat and win.


In charge of ensuring devotion to the Emperor, moral and cleansing what mutant that can be found.


The Kitsune are the battle monks of the Uesgi clan. There are trained to fight without fear and to hunt down the heretic in even into the most remote parts of the ship. Each one it trained by the old and silent Daisoujou. No more that 400 of them are deployed at any one time. Armed with Shock naginata and lasguns they wear the clan’s robes and have Ō-yoroi armour over them with Geta footwear and each one has a unique Kitsune mask. Other than guarding the temples and shrines around the ship they’re also sent out as members of kill teams when reports of mutant and chaos cults are given to them.


Being in charge of ensuring devotion to the Emperor there religion is that of the ecclesiarchy.