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Born into the Hellsing's one of the countless military families on the fortress world of Ironside. The hellsing family is one of the oldies on the plaint all the members are trained to be offences of the imperial guard and makara was the same, starting as the age of ten there are trained so that one day they may fight of the plant defences against the forces of chaos. At the age of 18 she enrolled into the ISS9, the Ironside security section nine are a counter intelligent and first strike combat regiment tasked with rotting out chaos agents and renegade gropes as well as striking at enemy forces that get past ISS1, 2, 3 and 8 within hours of plaint fall. ISS9 try to take out supply line and command elements by Valkyrie or the vast under ground tunnels.

Over the next two years she combated the enemy's of the Imperium with discipline and the willingness to take great risks to her self to save her fellow comrade, this willingness got her the honor to be part of the platoon commander honor guard.

About one year later a large object entered the system that object was a rogue planet this planet came as a surprise to the ISSC, several survey ship were sent to find out more about the planet. They found that the plant has a large complex built on. It was of Imperial design but from an long time in it's past. It was decided that an archaeologist team as to be sent to the plant it as it would take many years for it to leave the system and due to the heavy chaos military force in the system a platoon of the ISS9 would be sent to protect the team. As it was Makara's platoon was sent on this exhibition to the rogue planet.

The team arrived at the complex on the plant and on first examination the complex turn out to be some form of prison, but the cells had no doors or other forms to keep the inmates in but there were large doors that were locked with on way of opening them. Over the mouths the team study the areas that they had assess to, the teakpriest try to open the locked doors and Makara's platoon set up in the many guard rooms, each team had a small guard unit with them and so over the time she was there she was able to pick up the basis of archaeology. Them it happened the priest found the way to open the door's, this doors led to a underground lab complex and over the next weeks of mapping out the lab they found the white room, the only thing in this room was a white box, the box was 5 foot by 5 foot and was seamless with only jack plugs set in to one side. The teakpriest try weeks to open the thing but all attempts failed, they then try to plug in but found there augments to be incompatible.

Then one day the complex shuddered and them an explosion, the com tower had been hit and all form of commutation was knocked out. They were under attack Makara rushed to one of the guard towers what she witness chilled her heart things what looked like sailing-boats skimmed around the outer walls, great beams of imposable black light remove meters of the three foot think wall and for others shards of green glass like stuff that drive them self in to the her comrades each one falling to the ground in uncontrollable convulsion, one of the sail boats slow down and a group of tall and slender figures jump off and charge through the holes in the wall made by the black light weapons. They charge at the guardsmen, there bladed armour and skin tight bodysuits shine in the floodlighting, they moving through the hurricane of las bolts like water they flow pass the bolts a roll there and a flip there. One went down it roll pass one bolt to be hit by an another one , she was hit in the chest the las bolt boiled her heart she was dead before she hit the ground but for the guardsmen it was to little to late, the eldar's curved knives flicker out into the joints and neck of the men and woman each one going down in a spry of arterial blood and scream of pain.

The elder savage smiled as each man and woman fell then they froze the sound of a vast engine raged into life, a metal shutter buckled then split open as the behemoth lumbered forward, the eldar tried to run there smiles turned to horror as the hall heavy flamer spat in to life immolate the one unlucky to get out the way then the sponsons cried the heavy bolter shells split what was left of the group open like over ripe fruit. Makara look back pass the wall just in time to see one of the ships had it black light weapon aimed right at her, as fast as her leg could move her he run back over the gantry that let to the tower she made it half way before the tower that she was standing on vanished in that flash on darkness, the gantry began to fall, she caught one of the balusters, the gantry slammed into the sided of the building yanking her arm painfully. Using the balusters as a ladder she climbed back up to the doorway and back in the the prison complex.

Hours of fighting the elder slowly pushing the ISS9 back bit by bit into the labs. Makara found her self with a squad and what is left of the archaeologist team in the white room , the door barracked. Then an explosion that kicked the door right off it hinges, the blast knocked makara off her feet and right into the box. She was no longer in the room but in one of the cell rooms, each cell had two to three in mates each one just siting there a blank look on each one. She looked into one of the inmates eye she was pulled in , she was now in a classroom the inmates sitting at a desk . She do not know how she known but these prisoners were being rehabilitated so they can be part of normal society.

A flash of light she was now dragging a man with the help of what looks to be a prison guard along a corridor, the man was struggling and shrieking in the language she did not understand but she did not need to understand that this man was heading to a fate that she did not wound to know about, she also know that this man was a psyker. She then seen the door she know this door it was one that she had enter a number of times of the pass weeks, it was the door to the white room and to that box. They enter the room and as soon as the man seen the box his struggling and shrieking stop the man know it was now uselessly to struggle. The guards strapped the man into medical bed then put sum form of head gear, the wires that ran from the thing led to the holes on the box. One of the men in lab coats puled a small box like that of the bigger one the man was now a attached to and put it into a square shipped hole in one of the sides of the box, like it was never there the light in the man's eyes was gone. Everyone in the room then started to scream and the sound of insane laughter echoed in the room, then the killing started. Makara can feel it all the minds that were in this places had gone mad with rage and hatred for mankind. She was looking into the memory’s of that man now locked in that white box, an mind that ever reawakened would drive the minds of whole plants mad with rage and hatred this man feel of the human race.

She was now on the ground of the white room and before her stood one of the eldar, an female In the same bladed armour that the raiders all wore black with blue edging but beautiful decorated but her faces was blank no emotion showed and in a cold voice order the removal of the box. Whit on final look at the room she seen makara as she slow fell unconscious the elder smiled and says something in her cold tongue turned and leafed the room it then wean black. Makara awoke in a hospital weeks later her physical wounds healed but the one in her mind were still there even to this day but also her faith because she know what that box can do if it was ever unlashed on a world the madness will spread till the all of mankind is fighting it self. She know what she had to do but before she could go after the one that now had the box, she needed her faith back because how can one fight the horrors of the enemy's of the imperium if one has no faith in it. She was dismissed with honors for her years of service to the imperial guard and on the ground of her metal health. She spent a lot of her time in prayer to the emperor and over time became a priestess of the ecclesiarchy and over the years regained her faith and stared her training to be an missionary as this will let her persuade the one that had taking the box. So ones her training was finished she leafed the plaint of Ironside moving from system till she came to the fortress world of Spite. This is wane she lost the raiders but a upon hearing that the Battlecruiser Yamato needed a new spiritual leader she leaped at it as this was the best way of regaining her prey.

Over the weeks she adjusted to the ship's way of life quest effortless. It's clan system was not that different from the guard regiment she severed in, each clan had it's own traditions and rivalry but all work for the good of the ship, she work hard to learn the ways of her adopted clan as well as getting to known leaders of the other clans as being the ship spiritual leader she'll be interaction with all of the clans and so need to know each clans ways. So she can be seen all over the ship wane not conducting services. Only on holy days dose Makara expert the all the crew to go prayer other that she expert the crew to come to prayer and wane not in prayer or seeing how each clans moral is doing she'll visit the Master of Whispers Hattori Jeeves for what information or rumours on eldar raiders.


Dark red waist long hair, Tall about 6 foot, pale skin coved in scars with only a few on the face, Her eyes are blue with an gold ring around her iris. Is often seen in the Uesgi clans religious robes but has been seen in an Black kimono with silver patterns and a black umbrella on her days off.


Makara is very to the point about what she thinks and has no time for unnecessary formalities. She confident and optimistic but prone to flights of whimsy. She is kind to most people and very loyal to these that can gain her trust but were they ever to betray that she’d make them pay in a most unkind way.