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The Adeptus Mechanicus aboard the ship were the last group to form into a clan due to their rigid nature, as well as the fact that the ship's status as a treasure-trove of archeotech meant that there was never a shortage of new tech-adepts willing to join the ship's crew. Indeed, it's only because of the ship's extremely advanced age that the Mechanicus eventually formed a clan at all.

Although the Mechanicus is not exactly known for creativity or original ideas, the fact that the ship has been visited by so many pilgrims from all across the Imperium for millenia has meant that an unusually high amount of new ideas have found their way onto the ship. This has been known to cause some degree of tension between the Omnissianic Congregators, who had the most contact with the pilgrims, and the Drive Masters, who were always more insular.


The clan has exclusive dominion over the Enginearium, that sprawls over many of the ship's decks, that includes, among other essential areas of the ship, the Plasma and Warp drives; the Central Cogitation Vault; the Altar Omnissiah; and the Teleportarium, but also has influence over many high-tech areas across the ship, and can be found endlessly repairing plasma conduits and other ship components, like a colony of conscientious ants.

Allies and Enemies

The Hojo clan has had a long-standing alliance with the Chosokabe clan, though recent events have seen the Chosokabe weakened to the point that they became vassals to the Hojo for the sake of protection from other, less friendly clans. The Kira clan have also become vassals recently due to their home medicae deck having been destroyed.

The Hojo have earned the ire of the Kobayakawa clan due to a minor radiation-related incident orchestrated by the previous Enginseer Prime (over the objections of Omnissianic Congregator Chiyoko and then-Explorator Sarvus). Sarvus, the new Enginseer Prime, has ordered that the Kobayakawa be provided with proper rad-suits in an attempt to mend the relationship between the two clans but there is still much bad blood between them.


Enginseer Prime Sarvus – Highest ranking member of the Mechanicus Hojo clan. In charge of repairs to the ship. An Explorator from a far-off Forgeworld that originally joined the Yamato's crew approximately a decade ago, whilst it was still under the command of the previous Rogue Trader. Sarvus is somewhat more pragmatic than most Mechanicus (a trait not unusual among Explorators) and seeks to mitigate hostilities both within the clan and with other clans so as to allow the ship as a whole to function smoothly and efficiently.

Omnissianic Congregator Chiyoko – In charge of maintenance, tending to the ship's cogitator systems and dealing with the many Mechanicus pilgrims that travel to the ship. Would be considered 'unorthodox' by mainstream Mechanicus standards due to her placing less emphasis on ritual and more on 'getting stuff done'.

Drive Master Osamu – Custodian of the ship's Enginearium. Prefers to maintain the status quo and has little interest in matters that do not affect his domain.


The Hojo clan performs the same role as Mechanicus do across all ships, namely keeping the ship and all the devices aboard it in working order.


The Hojo clan's military forces, whilst not particularly numerous, are very well equiped meaning that although they are by no means the most militarily powerful clan, they are nonetheless a force to be reckoned with.


As the members of the Hojo clan are still a part of the Adeptus Mechanicus, they worship the Omnissiah – the Machine-God.