Session 5

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++(Recorded diary of one Makara Von Hellsing, Missionary of the Rogue Trader ship Yamato 042.M42)++

Dear diary.

It's been some time from the last time iv writing in here, must be the day that Eldar cut my leg off. Well iv recovered from that leg is back on and after a about three weeks of therapy I can walk as I use to. A number of thing happened over that time we went back down to the plant ruled by them blue faced things, Emperor they look weird at lest the Eldar look human but these Tau are just wrong with the blue skin and hoofs but there weaponry is by far the worst of it they some how made plasma weapons safe and mass produced them, that mad man back at that fortress may have been right about these Tau. Well we investigated the area, I say we the navigator and astropath did, It turns out that Jeeves report was bull there was no combat were the trader and inquisitor and it would seem that the both of them were taking by the xenos.

Before we could go back to the ship a squadron of Inquisitional Storm Troopers turned up, iv never liked the Big Toy Soldiers they never had to do a good days worth of soldiering, Emperor iv never liked Storm Troopers and these one are worst by far just coming up and saying come with us not a word or who they are or what they wont with up just come with us is all I could get out of them. Well they are part of the Inquisition so you can't says no can you so want back to the Yamato in the guncutter the Storms in there own. I must say what happened next was a shock to us all, both guncutters landed and we all got out it was just the Storm Troopers had one more in there number and it was a big one at that, it was no less that a Spaces Marine not seen one in some time uses to seen them around Falcon’s Hope back on Ironside, I miss Ironside been what must have been half a year now if I make it out of all this I'll go back to her till then ill just have bare it. Right back to the Spaces Marine his armour was all black but not the shoulder pads one was yellow with a white fist in the middle the other was bear metal with a I in the middle, so he was part of the Inquisition never knew the there were Inquisition Space Marine. Well he told us to go to some Fortress and we did, Not going to says no to a Spaces Marin now are you. We spent about a day looking for Jeeves but he disappeared, he'll turn up not the first time he done this.

So off we went spent about 12 days in the warp most of that time I spent getting to walk like I uses to, and a bit of combat practice after getting my led cut off ones not not looking for that to happen for a second time. Well the navigator got us to these Fortress but we came out the warp a bit to close to it but we had Drace Spires at the wheel and he parked us in like a boss as he put it, no idea what that meant, we wear taking to the Fortress commander I think another Space Marin and he wonted a report on what happen to the inquisitor so we told him that the Eldar has them leaving out the bull parts of Jeeves report we can deal with that, the command I forgot his name had the idea of using the Yamato as bait with some transports to lore the Dark Eldar as he called them out I later asked about the Dark Eldar thing turns out that the Eldar are split into two camps never knew that. Before we were sent off to be bait we were led to the armoury and I must says they had a lot of very cool stuff in there and I found myself a very nice Duel edged chainsword meat a commissar with one he was very skilled with it and this sword was of great craftsmanship and the name Sumiko Sora, the other try to get me to take on of the power sword but iv never like using them there just something about the power you fell from a chainsword that I like but in one of the far corners there was a shield my eyes just went to it like it was calling me. It was one of then arbitrator suppression shields but this one was different, it was old but it look as if it just came out of a factory it was unmarked it also had a name on it Eurydice, I picked it up and right there I knew I have to have it it just felt right. Well we got what we liked and set off to be bait, Jeeves still not shown up and the navigator got us lost and a bit to closes the the warp portal but with luck the warp engines fire back up and got us out of there before some chaos ship got to us and this time the navigator got us to were we going and now we have to travel two weeks in real space, well iv got some time to get uses to the new sword and shield so that one good thing, Right I better get back to my duty's.

++(Recording ends)++