Session 4

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Copy of a report on the recent events by Hattori Jeeves,

I was summoned to the planet by our lord and master along with several squads of the ships guard contingent in order to provide reinforcements to help protect the planet from a large raiding force of Xenos. I also brought various pieces of equipment that I had obtained while dealing with local imperial fleet. I spaceport which our gun cutter had alighted as under attack but the local guard forces seemed to have the situation under control so I contacted and Traders party and agreed to have out two parties meet up half way between our current positions in order for me to escort him back to the Guncutter.

We travelled quickly through the city and although many xenos were sighted they seemed to be more interested in attacking and capturing the local forces rather than our party and the few that turned on us were easily driven away. However, the main road to the Trader’s location was held by a larger force of xeno’s and we decided to avoid this area taking a more circular route. Eventually my party met up with the Trader and his group including the navigator, missionary and void master. We then proceeded to make our way back to the spaceport; however, we were contacted by the inquisitor who reported that her forces were under attack by the xeno and that she and the local xenos leader needed support. We attempted to return to the gun cutter in the space port but the attack there had intensified and we were forced to request that the gun cuter came to us. We located a suitable landing point on a building and requested extraction.

By the time we reached the inquisitors position the attacking xenos has mostly been driven off at the cost of most of the inquisitor’s guard’s lives. The local xenos leader had also been injured and he and his guards required aid. The inquisitor requested that we conduct a search of a local conference centre where the imperium’s ambassador had been killed as he had carried important documents with him which needed to be recovered.

We quickly relocated to the conference centre and the gun cutter left to get the xenos ambassador to a medical facility, during the journey it was noted that the majority of the xenos forces raiding the colony were now retreating bearing the captives they had taken from among the colonists.

As we entered the conference centre a rip in the fabric of reality opened in front of us, we had previously seen the attacking xeno’s travelling through such rips and we prepared for an attack. To our surprise we were assaulted by a horde of barely clothed berserkers. Our weapons cut down the first wave but their numbers seemed endless and the combat devolved into desperate hand to hand combat. The fighting was fierce and although the xeno’s were dispatched we took heavy casualties, the missionary almost lost her leg and most of the rest of the party were at least lightly injured. Unwilling to risk any further lives, the trader recalled the gun cutter to evacuate injured while himself, me and the inquisitor carried on the search for the ambassadors body. We were quickly successful however a further rift opened and more xeno’s troops materialised. Knowing the importance of the information the trader and inquisitor bid me flee while they held the xenos off, the trader entrusted me with an heirloom of his family a ring once borne by the god emperor and told me to give it to his successor if he did not survive.

The trader and inquisitor fought like true heroes but as I retreated a saw them overcome by a wave of fowl xenos, killed or captured I do not know. I met up with the remaining ship forces outside of the conference centre and we returned to the Yamoto. I submit to the clan council that as we do not know for certain that that our lord has been killed and due to the upheaval that has recently occurred due to the changes made by our lord that in the short term the ship be ruled by this council and the wisdom of the god emperor until we have evidence of the captains demise. The ring which he gave me should be kept in a secure location until a successor is decided.

Your humble servant

Hattori Jeeves