The Curse of Arkhaven

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This ran over several sessions. I've summarised them all here.

The group decides to cover their exit from Hammerfall Pass by taking employment as outriders with a merchant caravan heading to Tagraad.

On their route, they spend some time in the Orc's Head Inn at the small town of Arkhaven, where they learn that a nearby manor house, Haven House, has something of a reputation as a haunted house. With rumours of hidden treasure and warnings of bandits in the area, the group decide to take some time to investigate. As they head into the eaves of Corellon's Tears, the sky darkens and the weather takes a turn for the worst.

Haven House

Haven House is gloomy and forbidding ruin, partially destroyed by fire, and has stood there for over a century. The house itself has a forbidding reputation: the builder of the house, Baron Vorden, went insane and massacred his family and servants in a night of bloody murder in 633. During the Orcgate Wars, it was fired by a rampaging Orogzk warband in 654.

As the storm grows in its intensity, lightning strikes, and the group finds themselves moving through three different time periods: the immediate aftermath of the Baron's bloody rampage, and the night the Orcs fire the house as well as the present. Each time lightning flickers, the group moves through time the group have been caught by The Storm of Ages.

After fleeing the Baron's surviving guards in 633, a Wildlander Orc warband in 654 as they fire the house, the group return to the present where they discover the local bandits are werewolves and are in the employ of the being known as the Master. Both Hilda Ungart and Chewey are bitten and only time will tell if they have been infected with Lycanthropy.

Chewey also discovers a magical dagger of great beauty, apparently from a friend of the Baron in Tagraad. He quickly discovers that he can't rid himself of the dagger and that it invokes a near-uncontrollable urge to kill in its bearer. He manages to control himself, but the dagger remains in his possession and still exerts its malign influence on occasion. This dagger is the Tooth of the Abyss.

Living in 633

The group decide to return to Arkhaven, although something seems wrong with the road. The reason for this becomes obvious when they reach the town and find it to be little more than a village - they remain in the year 633.

The town itself is abandoned, and the group takes refuge in the shack that will later become the Orc's Head inn. While some of the group's fighters like Mike Smithson stand guard outside, the remainder of the group sleep and shelter from the rain.

As the night draws on, the sentries notice shadowy movement outside. Tall figures are checking each house and the group is challenged by a group of Elven Leafrunners - confirming the groups suspicions that they are still in the past, and before the Night of Betrayal.

The small group are lead to the encampment of the 3rd Volkranian Army, destined to reinforce Hammerfall Pass. They are interrogated thoroughly, and are conscripted into the army; being a halvorc, Mike Smithson is treated with some distrust. They are given a small group of troops and are ordered to hold Haven House against the orcish forces.

The adventurers and their troops spend two days planning and implementing their defences; making good use of the terrain and their abilities to secure the area. In the distance they can hear Orc wardrums coming closer.

The Siege

The following days sees attacks from the Orcs at various locations around Haven House; mainly from the Wildlander Orogkz (see Orc,_Wildlander), a particularly large and vicious breed of Orc. The adventurers and their troops do their best, fighting hard and long. At one point the Orcs make it to the courtyard, only to be trapped in a cunning ambush by the defenders. However, the Orcs rally, regroup, and bring their more powerful weapons to bear. An Orogk sorceror uses a Wand of Earth and Stone (see New Magic Items), removing a huge chunk of the wall and killing many defenders.

Hilda Ungart and Daemon sneak out and, under the cover of an invisibility spell, slay the sorceror and steal the wand. However a huge rock smashes into the side of the house crashing through the courtyard. The adventurers face a new threat: a hill giant has entered the fray. As the group's fighters are in poor shape to face the hulking brute, Damien Kross casts an illusion of a large dragon.

This proves to be a vital turning point - the Orcs and giant flee in terror as Kross makes the creature bellow and threaten. However, in the confusion both Daemon and Mike Smithson disappear.

An old friend

Meanwhile in the future, the dimensional shift spell created by one of Fucius Noran's associates triggers an echo in the Weave, drawing Fucius Noran and his familiar Krato back through time. He recognises some of the party's old comrades and decides to lend his spells and sword arm to the group once more.

Upon learning the groups situation, Noran remarks that the 3rd Army never made it to Hammerfall Pass. They were ambushed in the Icereach Mountains and wiped out according to Noran's loremaster. The company heals what wounds they can and set off for the mountains in pursuit of the army.

Into the Mountains

With Krato's assistance, the group find it simple to avoid many of the orcish warbands roaming the land and torching farmsteads. They skirt around two warring bands of orcs and head further up into the mountains.

They find a group of ten orogkz guarding the road and choose to engage them. Hilda Ungart and Fucius Noran take care of one of the orcs, the one carrying an aurochs horn to summon reinforcements. The remaining nine are faced by the adventurers. The remaining Volkranian troops move to attack another patrol of a dozen orogkz coming down the road.

Xantha Lukka casts fog cloud to block the orogzk line of sight, while Damien Kross attempts to repeat his success with an illusory dragons. As Hilda Ungart and Fucius Noran engage the orogkz, Chewey heads further up the mountainside and begins pouring arrows down on the goblinoid ranks. Issaria Snowleaf, Xantha Lukka and Damien Kross remain out of melee, Issaria harrying the orogzk with a barrage of magical bolts, while Xantha defends them.

The battle is eventually won, although many of the Army troopers are dead. The four remaining Leafrunners take off after some of the fleeing orogkz, returning later with the news that the Orcs are dead.

The group picks up the pace and manage to catch the army in time to warn them of the impending ambush ahead - confirmed when Krato notices a number of hill giants and Orc archers in a cross fire position above the pass.

The Army leaders choose to take a route across the mountains - only a hundred troops remain out of a thousand and their magical support is dead or exhausted. The adventurers are to take outrider roles once more as they scale the peaks of the Icereach Mountains. The group are fortunate to find an overhang that provides shelter for the entire army.

As they cross into the snowline, Hilda Ungart is reminded of an old childhood tale; something about being above the snowline is where bad children get eaten. The group learns the truth behind the tale when they are attacked by a young Remorhaz (Polar Worm). The group manage to fight it off and the Remorhaz slithers away, only to return as a childhood tale when it grows to adulthood...

The group rejoins the army, arriving near Hammerfall Pass - Krato is sent to warn the town, although they are already aware of the threat and have prepared landslides and other traps for the thousands or enemy troops advancing up the pass. A massed army of humans, dwarves and elven archers advance upon the Orcs, and the surviving members of the 3rd army charge into the flank of the horde. As the adventurers charge with them, the sky darkens and there is a flash of lightning: The Storm of Ages has returned...