Issaria Snowleaf

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Female Half-elf, Level 5 Sorceror

Str 11 Con 15 Dex 14 Int 10 Wis 10 Cha 17


Saves: Fort +3 Reflex +4 Will +4

Speed 30 Initiative +6

AC 14 (Flatfooted/Touch 14/12) Ring of Protection +2

HP 33 Second Wind 3

Base Attack +2


  • Spear (Dmg 1d8)
  • Light Crossbow +2 (Dmg 1d8)

Feats: Improved Initiative, Simple Weapon Proficiency, Toughness

Hero Points 1 Destiny Points 0

Spells 6(1)/6(1)/4(1)/2(1)

  • Level 0: Daze, Flare, Light, Read Magic, Touch of Fatigue, Message.
  • Level 1: Grease, Magic Missile, Mage Armour, Burning Hands, True Strike*.
  • Level 2: Mirror Image, Rope Trick, Knock*.

Class Skills: Acrobatics (Dex) +4, Arcana (Int) +2, Athletics (Str) +2, Bluff (Cha) +10, Concentration (Con) +4, Diplomacy (Cha) +10, Dungeoneering (Wis) +2, Endurance (Con) +9, Heal (Wis) +2, History (Int) +2, Insight (Wis) +2, Intimidate (Cha) +10, Martial Lore (Int) +2, Nature (Wis) +2, Perception (Wis) +2, Religion (Int) +2, Stealth (Dex) +4, Streetwise (Cha) +5, Thievery (Dex) +4

Secondary Skills: Appraise, +2 Climb +2, Craft +2, Decipher Script +2, Disguise +7, Escape Artist +4, Forgery +2, Handle Animal +5, Knowledge +2, Perform +2, Profession +2, Ride +4, Search +2, Sleight of Hand +4, Swim +2, Use Rope +4

Languages: Common, Elven.


Backpack, bedroll, winter blanket, crossbow bolts (20), piece of chalk, fish hook, flint & steel, bullseye lantern, iron rations, small steel mirror, flask of oil, travellers clothes, potion of cure light wounds (4), ring of protection +2, scroll of grease (4), scroll of magic missile (4), cloak of displacement, major.

Wealth 7780gp


Born in an elven settlement in the woods near Windsmeet, Issaria was distrusted by the inhabitants as she grew due to the strange things happening around her. She moved to Volkraad when an adventurer discovered that she had a natural ability to cast cantrips and agreed to help her escape a life of isolation and distrust at the hands of the locals in the village. He took her to Volkraad to the Royal Academy to have her tested for aptitude in the arcane arts. Issaria can best be described as small and mousey, with a mop of black hair that she keeps short.

She is very shy and timid, but is actively trying to become a stronger person.

Her motivation is to become famous as sorceror, and return to her village to explain the past.