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Rods, Staves and Wands

Valshar's Wand

The necromantic powers of this wand, technically a rod, allow any undead friendly to the caster (and within 60 feet) to gain the equivalent of a bless spell. The undead gains a +1 morale bonus on attack rolls and on saving throws against turning effects.

Normally, you can control only 4 HD worth of undead creatures per caster level using Animate Dead, however bearers of this rod can control 5HD worth of undead creatures per level.

Greater Wands

A Greater Wand is a thin baton that contains two spells of 6th level or lower. Each wand has 30 charges when created, and each charge expended allows the user to use one of the the wand's spells at one time. A greater wand that runs out of charges is just a stick. The ability to create greater wands is now lost and those that remain are very old.

Physical Description

A greater wand is 12 inches long and about 1/2-inch thick, and often weighs no more than 6 ounces. Greater wands are usually constructed from a precious metal of some kind. Occasionally, a wand has a gem or some device at its tip, and most are decorated with carvings or runes. A typical greater wand has AC 9, 9 hit points, hardness 9, and a break DC of 16.


Wands use the spell trigger activation method, so casting a spell from a wand is usually a standard action that doesn’t provoke attacks of opportunity (if the spell being cast, however, has a longer casting time than 1 standard action, it takes that long to cast the spell from a wand.) To activate a wand, a character must hold it in hand (or whatever passes for a hand, for nonhumanoid creatures) and point it in the general direction of the target or area. A wand may be used while grappling or while swallowed whole.

Wand of Earth and Stone

(Greater Wand) allows the user to cast move earth and stone shape.