The Storm of Ages

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As the lightning flashes, the group find themselves plunged into a underground lake. Now joined by Daemon, a member of the Elven Leafrunners. Swimming to the shore, the group find themselves in an underground structure of some kind. Chewey finally succumbs to bloodlust caused by the Tooth of the Abyss, and attacks the others; fortunately they manage to wrest the dagger from Chewey's grasp and hurl it away into the waters with a mage hand.

The group makes their way up into the complex where they find Hapalsharuss, the Green Mandragora wizard, and Mandragora ambassador to Volkrania. He is badly injured, and lapsing in and out of consciousness. With the groups help, he returns to a semblance of health.

Hapalsharuss has been responsible for the group moving through time, using the magical power concentrated in Windsmeet. However the year is 738, five years in the future, and Volkrania is a very different place. The Abyssal Prince Demogorgon now rules a blasted land with Tanar'ri and other denizens of the Abyss preying on the wretched remains of humanity.

Hapalsharuss explains that someone has been manipulating the past, setting a string of circumstances designed to bring Demogorgon fully into the Prime Material place, and he has been using the Storm of Ages, a rare magical phenomenon to undo these changes. However he still has two events left to fix.

The first is during the Mandragora Attack on Kratishold - a group of assassins have been sent there in 726 to kill a younger Hapalsharuss. He needs to survive! The other is to prevent the capture of Arthogannax, the Imperial Spy who informed the Mandragora Shirr'haim of the House Xeduus invasion.

The group chooses to save Hapalsharuss, but find themselves embroiled in the Attack on Kratishold. While the rest of the group go to secure Hapalsharuss, Damien Kross and Chewey try to warn the Baron and his staff. The Baron has guests from Tagraad, meaning that both are left to wait in the Baron's study. They are still waiting when the Mandragora attack.

Damien and Chewey escape the keep on a conjured Hippogriff as the magical destruction rains down. Meanwhile, the rest of the group foils an early assassination attempt before they attempt to escape the destruction of the town. However, they are ambushed at the stables by the same guests that the Baron was entertaining. The group fight for their lives as Mandragora forces close in, and Hapalsharuss is rendered invisible.

When they have fought themselves free, the group find themselves returned to their own time in Volkraad, although a year has passed. They learn that they have been part of an elaborate setup: the Dwarrowdelve Scroll is fake and was designed to expose the various factions in Volkrania; and has revealed a large conspiracy at work. The Cult of Demogorgon is far more widespread than originally thought...

The group are thanked for their efforts, by the various nobility including the King himself. They receive a number of gifts as well: