Hammerfall Pass

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This trading town has a thriving metalwork trade with the Dwarves of Koshrak's View. Buyers come from all over Volkrania to this town, and it has a high proportion of skilled craftsmen.

Built onto the cliff-side, this fortified town has spectacular views across the mountains, as well as providing welcome shelter and safety for travellers in the mountains. The town itself has a huge graveyard that stretches up the mountain side, as several skirmishes - and battles - during the Orcgate War and Purge of Fire took place here.

Every year, a religious festival dedicated to the Raven Queen takes place here. The Festival of the Queens Remembrance consists sporting events such as a small triathlon (running, swimming, and kayaking), as a well as a number of religious ceremonies over three days. It is a celebration of life, rather than death - many choose this time to honour the memory of dead friends and loved ones. The Hammerfallers dance in the streets until sunrise, wearing macabre costumes made to look like skeletons.

Events took a darker turn five years ago, when the Necromancer Nitari Valshar raised a number of the corpses and attacked the town before fleeing and attacking Shimmerbridge. The Dead Walk covers the events of that night.