New World Beastiary

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The New World Beastiary contains statistics for the various denizens of the New World. It is also available for download as a PDF.

There are a large number of Dinosaurs included here. Dinosaurs, or terrible lizards, are ancient reptilian beasts that may be related to dragons. Among the traits that the typical predatory dinosaur shares with many dragons are sharp teeth, a savage disposition, a well-developed sense of territory, and a ruthless drive to hunt. The herbivorous dinosaurs are not usually aggressive unless wounded or defending their young, but they may attack if startled or harassed.

Dinosaurs most often live in rugged or isolated areas that humanoids seldom visit: remote mountain valleys, inaccessible plateaus, tropical islands, and the densest jungles. They may also populate a campaign's "lost lands."

Dinosaurs take full advantage of their size and speed. The swift carnivores stalk prey, staying hidden in cover until they can get close enough to charge. The great herbivores frequently overrun and trample their opponents.

A new form of Undead is introduced here as well, the Darklight Undead.

Index of Monsters


Ash Rat

Blood Ape

Bone Naga

Bronze Serpent


Cloaked Ape


Crimson Death

Darklight Undead


Demon, Abyssal Maw

Demon, Abyssal Ravager

Demon, Abyssal Skulker

Demon, Jarilith (Tanar'ri)

Demon, Jovoc (Tanar'ri)

Demon, Kelvezu (Tanar'ri)

Demon, Palrethee (Tanar'ri)

Demon, Zovvut (Tanar'ri)

Devil, Advespa (Baatezu)

Devil, Amnizu (Baatezu)

Devil, Malebranche (Baatezu)

Dinosaur, Allosaurus

Dinosaur, Ankylosaurus

Dinosaur, Archaeopteryx

Dinosaur, Apatosaurus (Brontosaurus)

Dinosaur, Argentinosaurus

Dinosaur, Baryonyx

Dinosaur, Bellusaurus

Dinosaur, Carcharodontosaurus

Dinosaur, Charonosaurus

Dinosaur, Compsognathus

Dinosaur, Cryptoclidus

Dinosaur, Dilophosaurus

Dinosaur, Dimetrodon

Dinosaur, Diplodocus

Dinosaur, Edmontosaurus

Dinosaur, Giganotosaurus

Dinosaur, Helicoprion

Dinosaur, Huayangosaurus

Dinosaur, Iguanadon

Dinosaur, Kronosaurus

Dinosaur, Liopleurodon

Dinosaur, Meiolania

Dinosaur, Micropachycephalosaurus

Dinosaur, Microraptor

Dinosaur, Ornithomimus

Dinosaur, Oviraptor

Dinosaur, Pachycephalosaurus

Dinosaur, Parasaurolophus

Dinosaur, Placerias

Dinosaur, Prenocephale

Dinosaur, Protoceratops

Dinosaur, Pteranodon

Dinosaur, Pterodactylus

Dinosaur, Quetzalcoatus

Dinosaur, Rhamphorhynchus

Dinosaur, Saurolophus

Dinosaur, Seismosaurus

Dinosaur, Shantungosaurus

Dinosaur, Spinosaurus

Dinosaur, Stegosaurus

Dinosaur, Styracosaurus

Dinosaur, Teleosaurus

Dinosaur, Titanosuchus

Dinosaur, Trodon

Dinosaur, Zuniceratops

Dire Snake

Dire Toad


Fire Bat

Flesh Jelly

Forest Sloth


Golem, Chain

Golem, Obsidian



Hellfire Wyrm


Legendary Ape

Legendary Eagle

Legendary Shark

Legendary Snake






Nightmare Beast


Phase Wasp


Red Sundew

Rogue Eidolon


Shadow Spider

Unforgiven One