Dwarrowdelve Scroll

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<keywords content="ashes of Freedom campaign, dungeons and dragons,dwarrowdelve scroll, crown of command, demogorgon, the master, the remnant" /> The Dwarrowdelve Scroll was purported to be a map and journal that described how to reach the ancient dwarven city of Dwarrowdelve, believed lost in the Eastlands. Dwarrowdelve was supposed to be the resting place for the fabled Crown of Command, a hugely powerful magic item.

However the document was fake. It was a careful fabrication created by the leaders of Koshrak's View, the Church of Pelor, and the Royal throne's spymasters. For some time mysterious forces had been fomenting unrest in Volkrania and this fabled item was to provide the bait in a drawing them out.

The authenticity of this document was such that only a few highly placed individuals knew the true purpose: to act as bait. However, the cost was high. Many lives were lost as the various factions sought the scroll: The Remnant, the forces of the sinister being known as The Master, and the true enemy: the hidden cult of Demogorgon.