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The capital of Volkrania, Volkraad is the seat of King Thrommel the First. It is a functional city, with a stark military appearance, although this has softened slightly since the Orcish forces were beaten back. Some of the city's buildings have been sheathed in marble, and elaborate giltwork adorns the Temple of Pelor. The city also holds the Royal Academy where wizardry and other sciences are taught, and also has a large number of skilled warriors who training schools and gymnasiums for young nobles.

The city is built around a central island on the Tarcrzy (Tar-ZEE)river, with two bridges linking it to either side. Both Westbridge and Eastbridge are heavily fortified, and guards carefully check all visitors to the city. Most of the streets in Volkraad are narrow, with three-storey or higher buildings. Of particular note is the Warrens: this is a slum area where even the City Watch tread carefully - organised gangs control the streets and crime and poverty are rife.