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<metadesc>Tabletop RPG Pathfinder information for Shadows of Thassilon, Gavin's Rise of the Runelords Anniversary Edition campaign.</metadesc> Before Cheliax turned its greedy gaze northward to the untamed wilds beyond the shadow-state of Nidal; before the eighty-seven centuries of barbarism and stagnation which smothered the north-west of Avistan even after the Age of Darkness lifted from the world; before Earthfall and the sinking of Azlant and the shrouding of Golarion in a thousand years of post-cataclysmic gloom; ten thousand years ago, in an age undreamed of, there was Thassilon.

Sprawling across the lands that would one day be called Varisia, the Hold of Belkzen, and the territories of the Linnorm Kings, Thassilon began as the bastard child of Azlant, a colony of exiles and renegades cast upon the shores of Avistan. From these beginnings it grew into a mighty empire than spanned seven kingdoms, plumbed the unknown depths of rune magic, and raised towering monuments to its own greatness, before the cataclysm of Earthfall laid Thassilon low.

Today, Thassilon endures only in the rune-carved and strangely resilient ruins that dot Varisia, from the Grand Mastaba upon which Castle Korvosa stands, to the shattered bridge of the Irespan around which the city of Magnimar sprawls. For all of its triumphs and the great ambitions of its rulers, the Empire of Sevenfold Sins has crumbled before disaster and the passage of the ages, its achievements noted only in the treatises of reclusive sages, otherwise lost to history.

But the glories of the Age of Enthronement have faded, and in the present Age of Lost Omens, a twilight of uncertainty and sundered prophecy creeps upon the world. The shadows of Thassilon have grown long, and the rise of the Runelords has begun...

This is intended as a supplementary player's guide to the Rise of the Runelords: Anniversary Edition campaign, a repository of house rules and character creation guidelines, and a place to record character histories, quests, clues, treasures, and other information gleaned over the course of the campaign.

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