Shadows of Thassilon Campaign Log

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2018 June 30

Altern Foxglove (Aristocrat, lvl >1) bought us all horses and took us hunting.

Shalelu Andosava (Elf Ranger?) warned that there are five local goblin gangs, which seem to have been recently united, presumably under a formidable tyrant, whom we suspect is the body snatcher. The five gangs are

* Bird Cruncher formerly in the nearby bluffs of Devil's Platter but now seem to have been slain, captured, or lead away, presumably by FT. 
* Lick Toad in the Brinestone Swamp, southwest of Sandpoint. 
* Seven Tooth in the Shank Wood, a moderate distance east of Sandpoint. 
* Moss Wood in Moss Wood further east. 
* Thistle Top on an island just north of Nettle Wood somewhat north of Moss Wood. 

There are six known goblin champions:

* Big Gugmutt of Moss Wood with a dogslicer. 
* Koruvus of the Seven Tooth gang, with a magic human-sized long sword, but missing for some months
* Vorka in the Brine Stone swamp, but enemy to the Lick Toads and a cannibal. 
* Rendwaddle Gutwad, the obese leader of the Lick Toads
* Rip Nugget of the Thistle Top who tames and rides monsters
* Brusthasmus, a bugbear from Nettlewood (between Moss Wood and Thistle Top island) Ranger 3? 


Old lady Ameiko Kyjitsu, owner of the Rusty Dragon, argued with her father, who owns the glass works.

Sheriff Baylor deputised the party to protect the village while he goes to town for reinforcements.

2018 June 16

We rescued Aldern Foxglove and some girl hanging around him from goblins.

Investigation at the cathedral reveals that 6 goblins and a medium-sized companion broke into the priests' mausoleum and stole the body of Izakian Tubin. They used a LADDER to climb over the temple area walls to escape the village during the raid. Tobin had been killed in the fire 5 years earlier (read the background notes people) while caring for his ill daughter, Noallia, who was 15. They goblins or their companion left 3 skeletons created with a robe of bones to guard the mausoleum. They

Bodart Quink (old crank 3?) told us that the "Old Light" is not an ancient light house, since it was from Thessalonian times, and this area was not on the ocean before the cataclysm.

2018 June 02

We encountered:

* Sheriff Baylor Hemlock
* Father Zantos of the pantheistic cathedral
* Serdak Dropus, the theatre owner

We enjoyed the festival games and fought some goblins, with some getting away.