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Name: Unknown

Alias: Polaris

Powers: Magnetism

Background: Polaris was a native Mexican hero and an important figure in the resistance against the Aliens in Mexico City. However, after the events of the Week of Fire, he and all Metahumans were demonised by the Mexican public and he was forced to flee his country. He worked with Genix to form an Underground Railroad to smuggle Meta-humans from Mexico and was ambushed by government forces and believed to be dead. However, he was captured and experimented on by the Government, eventually given to Brother Eye who used a form of technological mind control to make him act as his lieutenant. He was in charge of both the raid on Metropolis where he held the heroes off long enough for the OMACs to get away and the attack on Cape Town. When brother eye was defeated he was freed but apparently left dying, he tried to use his powers to prevent the self destruct system activating but died before the heroes could escape - a telepath continued to control his body long enough to allow them to get away.