Brother Eye

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Name: Brother Eye

Alias: Eye

Powers: Lasers, Mind contol, OMAC creation, Flight, teleportation, Stealth Field.

Background: Brother Eye started off life as a defence system built by Batman to protect Earth from any Alien threats. Still in a prototype stage, he was quickly destroyed during the first Alien Invasion. Some of his hardware crashed onto the Moon where it lay during the Alien occupation until the moon was colonised by various corporate entities. He was re-discovered and studied and managed to take over control of the premier robots manufacturing plant of the day; in this way he created the first of his OMACs and replaced the human employers of the company with robot duplicates.

Brother Eye considered both Aliens and Meta-humans to be a threat to humanity and took steps to deal with them. First he sent his OMACs to Earth to kidnap individuals who had been effected by the Gene bomb effect and used them along with allies in the Mexican government to develop a device to allow him to turn off super human powers, it is assumed that it was through these allies that he obtained Polaris to act as his lieutenant. In order to complete this device he gathered his forces and attacked the major alien base in South Africa to kidnap the last of the original Gene bomb research team. At this point he was located and forced to move his base from the Moon to Earth orbit where he cloaked himself from detection and started the final part of his plan by sending OMAC mark 2's to various cities to spike the water with the nanites required to form his OMAC mark 3's. Once this was done, he activated them and declared himself ruler of Earth while metahumans were being hunted down. A small team of heroes managed to board his base but were unable to harm him until another hero arrived who had located the Batcave below Gotham and located his shut-down program. Brother Eye was destroyed, but not before he triggered a self-destruct program. Polaris was killed delaying the explosion to allow the other heroes to escape.