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OMACs are robots created by Brother Eye in order to take control of the Earth and to destroy both Aliens and Metahumans. Three types of OMACs were seen: -

Name: OMAC mark 1

Alias: None

Powers: Lasers, Flight

Background: The most primitive type of OMAC: originally believed to be powered armour they were later seen to be Robots. Used in the raid on Metropolis, the attack on Cape Town and in the defence of Brother Eye. Some larger 'heavy weapon' OMACs were also seen.

Name: OMAC mark 2

Alias: None

Powers: Disguise, Lasers, self destruct.

Background: Externally indistinguishable from humans although scans and internally examination showed them to be Robotic. They were used by Brother Eye in the assassination attempt on Gates, to destroy the league's headquarters and to infiltrate various cities worldwide to release the OMAC mark 3 nanites.

Name: OMAC mark 3

Alias: None

Powers: Lasers, Flight, power suppression, adaptation.

Background: Approximately 10% of the worlds human population was coated in a nanite solution and converted into these OMACs. They were stronger and tougher than mark 1's and were armed with weapons which removed super powers. In addition they could adapt to deal with any super powers used against them.