Eric Matheson

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Eric Matheson was involved in the theft of Poseidon's Tear, employing Dave Carmichael to steal it from the archives at the National Museum of Scotland. A reclusive millionaire, he had appeared on Office Of Internal Security databases as a person of interest for some time, having a keen interest in antiques and sorcerous paraphernalia: however no evidence had been found to implicate him.

Members of Section 13 (the Edinburgh branch of the OIS) were sent to his home outside the Edinburgh Arcologies to interview him whne his connection to Carmichael was known, but were later recalled by Agent Smith, when a murder of Eldritch Society Tagers were spotted in the area.

The forces of the Eldritch Society encountered an extraction team of Chrysalis Corporation Dhohanoids ransacking Matheson's home, his security staff slain and defences destroyed. In the combat that followed, the Tear was discovered, and the Tagers escaped shortly before the house was destroyed when a NEG gunship launched a missile attack.

Of Matheson himself there has been no sightings; he is believed dead. No records have been found to who ordered the missile attack: no flight-plans filed or access logs show any NEG forces in the area.