Poseidon's Tear

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Note: the following information was pieced together from data liberated from Chrysalis Corporation and other sources. It is not definitive, and Eldritch Society members should use extreme caution around this artefact.


As its name suggests Poseidon's Tear is a tear-drop shaped piece of what appears to be murky blue-green glass. Approximately 35cm in diameter at its widest, the Tear reflects x-rays and other deep scans of itself.


Discovered in the Orkney Isles in 2011, it was displayed as a geological oddity in Edinburgh's Royal Museum of Scotland in the Southside Arcology. It was stolen from there in 2085.

Known Powers

  • Those beings known as "Tagers" cannot shift forms to that of their symbiont within close proximity to the Tear. Just how close "Close proximity" is has been the subject of some debate among Society members, and there has been insufficient time to test out this distance. For this reason, Tagers are recommended to maintain a safe distance while in human form.
  • According to Chrysalis Corporation's research, Poseidon's Tear true power functions only when used with dream magic. It functions as an anchor, allowing the dreamer to use it as a point of reference across space and time. It is hypothesized that the Tear is in some way connected with the entity known as Yog-Sothoth.