Agent Smith

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Agent Smith is the head of Section 13, and some say he IS Section 13. As one of the few survivors of the infamous Beltane Incident in 2055, he requested a transfer from the GIA to the OIS. He runs Section 13 with a firm hand and does not suffer fools gladly - he expects all team members to pull their weight, be they soldiers or techs.

Sometimes jokingly referred to as Smiley or the Old Man, no one in Section 13 knows how old Smith is or even if he has a family. He always seems to be present in the Hub and some agents joke that he doesn't need to sleep - he's too tough for it. Smith is a true NEG patriot but often butts heads with the other agencies with the Castle Rock. He's a quiet, methodical individual with a sharp tongue - he rarely gets angry but many of Section 13's agents have experienced a tongue-lashing from him in the past.

Smith always dresses impeccably and conservatively in a charcoal grey suit, black tie and smart shoes. His age is unknown but he has a full head of hair, although it has been white since 2055. His office is a mess of maps, papers and reports; yet he knows exactly where to find something when needed. He's also been known to participate in fieldwork if he is interested in a particular case, although he rarely leaves The Basement these days.