Chrysalis Corporation

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Chrysalis Corporation is the world's second-largest private enterprise, and produces almost every type of good and service imaginable through a stable of subsidiaries and affiliated enterprises. Headquartered in South Africa but with locations in every arcology in the world, its influence is second only to that of the Ashcroft Foundation, and its plans are far more sinister.

The Chrysalis Corporation has been thoroughly infiltrated by a cult of Nyarlathotep called The Children of Chaos, who now run the entire company. The feared and secretive T99 Division retrieved the ancient documents that detailed the creation of Dhohanoids, twisted shapechangers from another dimension who take over human bodies. These Dhohanoids have now wormed their way into every crevice of the NEG and into countless positions of power within society.

Chrysalis is run by The Director, a shadowy black-skinned man who many suspect to be an avatar of Nyarlathotep, the Crawling Chaos and Messenger of the Outer Gods.

Chrysalis Corporation is engaged in a terrifying Shadow War against the Eldritch Society, and has numerous clandestine programs to hunt down and exterminate Tagers.