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<metadesc>Information about the City of Nodea Campaign world, an Urban-ish campaign inspired by Fantasy cities and really, really loosely, on history. </metadesc>This is the main portal to the City of Nodea Campaign World. I'll do my best to expand it. General World information will be displayed here.


The City of Nodea is a campaign mostly inspired by... well... lots of things. Imagine a more serious version of Pratchett's Ankh-Morpork, cram a bit of Paizo's Golarion's Absalom, and you'll not be wrong. And don't forget, even a more serious version of those is not at all serious. However, there's a lot more to it that what the previous sentence can represent. The city is filled to the brim with interesting characters, guilds or politics, and it's entirely up to you what you could pursue. In addition, despite the name of the campaign and everything you've read so far, if you choose to leave the city in order to pursuit some other goal, go straight ahead! The world itself is no less fleshed out than the city itself, and there's bound to be something worth pursuing.

But remember, every action has its consequences. Some of them will be obvious, some of them will not. Other than that, anything goes, really!

All the Paizo content on the Pathfinder SRD is yours to use, and some 3rd Party stuff may be allowed as well, within reason. As for people who like building powerful and optimized characters, go straight ahead, but please do try and stay reasonable, not for the GM's sake, but for the other players at the table.

Additional Information

  • Getting Started, A number of things you may want to be aware of. Nothing too important, but important none the less.
  • Races and Countries of the World, a couple of paragraphs on all the races in the world, combined with a geopolitical overview.
  • House Rules, this is, well, house rules. A number of changes done, which are hopefully not too radical.
  • Notable people, here all the important and unimportant (don't let the latter ones know how you feel about them) NPCs will be updated timely.
  • Gods of the World, here are all of the gods. PLEASE NOTICE that the list is not full of all of them, they will be updated later.

More information will surely follow.