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The City of Nodea is a campaign that will span from levels 4-8. The game uses a point-buy system of 30 points, and new characters will start at the current level. Hit points are done in the Pathfinder society's fashion of max hit points at the first level and then the hit die's average rounded up:

  • d6 hit die: 6 + 4 per level
  • d8 hit die: 8 + 5 per level
  • d10 hit die: 10 + 6 per level
  • d12 hit die: 12 + 7 per level
  • There is no XP to be tracked. You will level roughly every 4 sessions, and roughly at the same time. Additionally, hit points and skill points may be rewarded in sessions because of excellent roleplay, new ideas, and generally things that everyone enjoys. These are rewarded up to the maximum, but consider them more an outlier than a rule.


Magical items are, while not exceedingly uncommon, quite rare. Magical weapons, indeed, are things that you'll have to reach for, and most of them have names and backstories for you to explore, if you so choose. For example, a typical wielder of a magical weapon could be a professional adventurer, the higher-ranking gladiators in the arena, a navy captain, member of the Elven Specnaz, etc.

Magical armour is similarly rare, but think one step down in rarity.

Wondrous Items are relatively common for the people who can afford them, but again, do try and stay reasonable, a Pearl of Power is fine, a Pearl necklace of Power is not.

Classes, Feats and Traits

All the Core, Base and Hybrid classes are allowed. Others may be allowed, but will not necessarily be allowed one. For feats, the usual suspects such as Leadership, and the Craft Item feats are banned. Divine Protection from the ACG is also not available. Outside those, nothing I can think of at the moment would not be allowed, but if I remember something, I'll post it here. If something is grotesquely powerful, game-slowing, or plain confusing, I'll do my best to help the player(s) rectify that.

2 Traits are allowed, or 3 if you choose a drawback. Trapbreaker and Finding Your Kin are banned.

House Rules

A few house rules are in place, mostly letting people play the race they want without feeling punished, or things that make sense from a mechanical point of view.


  • Combat Expertise has no prerequisite.
  • Weapon Finesse is granted for free for qualifying characters.


  • Elves lose weapon proficiency with shortbows and longbows. Instead, they are given proficiency with the repeating crossbow, and treat heavy repeating crossbows as martial weapons.
  • Kobold Racial Modifiers are -2 Str, +2 Dex and +2 Wis. Crafty gives +2 to both Survival and Stealth, and gives one as a class skill. Light Sensitivity is removed.
  • Orcs remove a penalty to a mental stat of their choice. This comes at the cost of replacing Ferocity for the half-orc version.


  • Crossbow damage has been changed. Light ones do 2d6 damage with a crit rating of 20/x2. Heavy ones do 2d8 damage with a crit rating of 20/x2. Same goes for repeating crossbows.
  • Hand Crossbows have 2 shots per reload, reload as a standard action, both as full round action. Damage is changed to 1d6; 20/x2