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<metadesc> A list of all the House Rules in The City of Nodea. </metadesc>

Some things have been changed in order to fit better in the world. Most of those things are reasonable, in order to maintain the balance, or just because they make sense.



  • Kobolds have the racial stats of -2 Str, +2 Dex and +2 Wis. They are proficient in shortbows and handaxes.
  • All Kobolds have the Beast Bond trait, replacing Crafty, for +2 racial bonus to Ride and Handle Animal.
  • All Kobolds have the Day Rider trait, giving them low-light vision.


  • Elves lose proficiency in Shortbows and Longbows. Instead, they are proficient in Repeating Crossbows and Hand Crossbows and treat Heavy Repeating Crossbows as a martial weapon.


  • Orcs remove the penalty from one of their mental stats.
  • Orcs have the Half-orc ferocity instead of the Monster Ferocity ability.
  • Orcs lose darkvision and gain low-light vision instead. Light Sensitivity is removed.


  • Dwarves treat pistols and muskets as martial weapons. This replaces Stonecunning.

Far Continent Races

  • Catfolk gain Swordtrained. This replaces Natural Hunter. However, They still have +2 on Stealth Checks.
  • Tengu treat spear-like weapons as one category lower. (exotic spear-like weapons are martial, martial spear weapons are simple.)
  • Gifted Linguist is replaced by Glide by default.
  • Grippli are proficient in Bolas, Chakrams and kukris and treat the Urumi as a martial weapon.
  • Nagaji are proficient in Whips and Scorpion whips. Serpent's Sense works against all animals and they have a racial bonus of +2 on Diplomacy checks.
  • Ratfolk have +4 racial bonus on Ride, Intimidate and Stealth. They are proficient in shortbows. This replaces Tinker and Animal Empathy


  • Repeating crossbows have their damage upped by one step (light repeating crossbows become 2d6, heavy become 2d8) but their crit is now 20/x2
  • Hand Crossbows have 2 shots before they need to be reloaded and their damage is 1d6, 20/x2
  • Dwarven Waraxes and Dwarven Double-headed Waraxes are now Orcish Waraxes, functually the same, but now Orcs are proficient with them. Orcs make them fancy.

Magical Items

Magical weapons are quite rare, each and everyone sporting a story of its own, and taking either long periods of time or heroics feat to be built. Magical Armor is usually built from the finest materials known and each and every one is unique in its own way. Wondrous Items and Rings are still uncommon, but a determined (or lucky) adventurer may still find one, or even purchase one, within reason.

What this means is, that when you see a magical weapon or suit of armor, it's going to be good, probably last you through for a long time, and maybe you're going to learn how to make it to work better in your hands and advance with it. Also, the abilities on weapons do NOT require +1 to have, so you may find an Agile Elven Throwing Shovel, or a Flaming Flail, but they're going to probably belong to someone unwilling to part with them.

Please note that this list may be updated as the campaign goes on.