Gods of the World

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PLEASE NOTICE that the list is not full of all of them, they will be updated later. If you feel like playing a cleric or inquisitor of one of those gods, and the Domain you want makes sense, make sure I know and it's ok. I'm not the best at making giant pantheons of gods, so you'll notice that there's a lot of gods missing (or a few actually being there) They're probably there, and if you ask ingame, I'll be sure to tell you about the god.

The True Dwarf

The True Dwarf isn’t so much as a god, but rather a concept. The idea of the True Dwarf is the ultimate epitome of dwarven virtues, such as respect, leadership, craftsmanship, legalism, care for the community. The clerics of the True Dwarf are usually dressed in dwarven attires of ages past, and carry a symbolical stylized tome of all the laws a dwarf must uphold, including the ones yet unwritten.

Alignment: LN

Weapon: Heavy Spiked Shield

The Spirit of Community

Considering the Elven Union doesn’t care much for gods, it’s surprising that they have clerics. However, in some rare occasions, a faith in the greater future is a faith strong enough to provide powers that rival those of more traditional ‘gods’. These paragons of communism are quite often recruited into the KEB, or the Komitet Elvskaya Bezopasnosti, or simply put in care of goods and services distribution. Most of the clerics go around the world trying to show others the benefits of such a society, while others operate deep in cover in order to put more and more people in the Union's firm grip.

Alignment: LN

Weapon: Sickle and Hammer

Bert the Tobacconist

Bert the Tobacconist is one of the more traditional gods in the World, in the meaning that he has followers, clerics and holy symbols. Story has it that Bert was once a simple farmer, one devoted so hard to the incoming harvest, and other farming necessities, that one day he simply forgot to pray. And then another one. As he passed away, the then-god of Nature, whose name is long forgotten in time, offered him his office. People pray to Bert not by kneeling in a temple or offering sacrifices, but by hard labour, regardless of whether it’s related to farming or not. It is said that clouds are puffs of Bert’s pipe, as he sits down for a break after reaping the sunshine in the summer or feeding the animals of the world in the winter.

Alignment: NG

Weapon: Scythe

The Skull Admiral

The Skull Admiral is the patron god of pirates, thieves, smugglers and the occasional unscrupulous fisherman. He is a brutal god, and is known to punish sailors that don’t indulge in unlawful activities by spoiling their supplies, tattering their sails, cutting their ropes – or all that’s just pirate superstition. The shrines of The Skull Admiral are often upon the crow’s nest on the middenmast, requiring the captain or the resident cleric of the Admiral to first place a portion of clean water and pure alcohol, and for an equal share of the profits after the successful hunt to be tossed in the sea. The Admiral is often portrayed as a skeleton with long hair and beard intact, holding a pistol in one hand and a cutlass in the other.

Alignment: NE

Weapon: Cutlass

Madame LaChance

Madame LaChance is a goddess of Vengeance, Luck, and Deception. She is a patron of the underdog, the courtesan, the gambler, the merchant or the lover. She’s portrayed as an incredibly beautiful half-orcish woman with smooth green skin and a provocative red dress. People pray to her when taking leaps of faith, betting everything in the last moment or risking everything in the name of vengeance. A common way of worshipping her is going to a casino or a betting house and betting more and more on low odds. Surprisingly, she's not revered as much in orcish lands rather than by humans or halflings.

Alignment: CN

Weapon: Hand Crossbow