Battle of Koshrak's View

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Koshrak's View and Hammerfall Pass proved critical to the defence of Volkrania.

When the Mandragora forces failed to secure the DeepEarth beneath Koshrak's View, they chose to mount a surface assault. All nearby BattleMagi were ordered to the front and began unleashing offensive spells designed to soften the defences. The Mandragora army hung back and allowed the BlackClaw goblinoid allies to sustain the majority of casualties.

Reinforced by archers from Hammerfall Pass and survivors from Kratishold, the dwarves made sure that very few goblinoids made it close to the main gate. When a battering ram was dragged into place, a group of adventurers using magical disguises penetrated the goblin lines and sabotaged the ram. However a Dark Seed assassin made it into the gatehouse causing widespread sabotage until he was stopped, but the way was clear for the attacking forces to storm into the city.

The battle was bloody and eventually the BlackClaw were turned back for a time. The Mandragora generals called on their reserves and heavily armoured hobgoblins charged into the fray against the tired defenders. However, a regiment of Taldanian lancers had been despatched from Taldan to help bolster the defence. Lead by the veteran Marshall General Ivanov, they slammed into the hobgoblins flanks, routing them, and killing many in the first charge.

The Mandragora generals, now frustrated ordered a retreat. Some in the Koshrak's View defenders believed that a pursuit would see an end to the conflict, but their commanders realised that were too few soldiers to waste. Many believed that they would be needed elsewhere very soon: and they were correct.

Leaving a token force to defend Kratishold, their beach-head in Volkrania, the remaining Mandragora Wings and their BlackClaw allies decided to strike out at the one target they couldn't resist: Volkraad itself. Here the final pivotal battle of the Purge of Fire was to take place: the Battle of the Line.