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To this day it is still unclear as to how the Mandragora of House Xeduus managed to secure the loyalty and inspire the fanaticism in the various Goblin, Bugbear, and Hobgoblin tribes that became the BlackClaw. It is also a mystery to many scholars as to why no Orcs accompanied the invading forces, as they would not pass up a chance for slaughter and conquest.

Many disparate goblinoid tribes flocked to the BlackClaw banner, and those who refused were wiped out. The Mandragora used them as arrow fodder, caring little for their fate. Large numbers of goblinoids were slain in the Battle of Koshrak's View, and many more were killed as Volkranian forces swept the country after the Purge of Fire.

After the Purge of Fire, many BlackClaw goblins retreated to the more remote areas (just as they did after the Orcgate War), and can often be found working with The Remnant.