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Beginning life as a border outpost this fortified city deals with most of the traffic into the wilderness - fortune seekers and travellers to the Southlands and Eastlands, as well as providing a bulwark against any incursions by goblinoids from the Wildlands.

Since the Purge of Fire and Accords of Volkraad, the city has grown considerably, with rulership now largely controlled by mercantile houses; who aggressively maintain a stranglehold on their monopoly of trade. Its also rumoured to be the safest place to store money. The banking houses of Taldan had a long-standing "special relationship" with local thieves guilds, who have grown fat on the protection monies the Banking Houses pay. Only the insane would try and steal money from the Banks of Taldan. Still, some fools do try: most often than not their remains are found displayed in some inventive fashion as an object lesson.

As a result the city has a thriving underworld hierarchy and nobility of its own, and the Shadow Government exists at peace here.