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Name: Bruce Wayne

Alias: Batman

Powers: None

Background: It is known that prior to the Alien invasion Batman created Brother Eye in order to protect the Earth but it is not know if he had any part in Lex Luthor's ill-fated rebellion. It is assumed that he was behind the repeated sabotage of the Aliens plans in Gotham and the attempted rebellion from Gotham although no evidence was ever found. He was killed by the Joker when he attempted to free the population of Arkham before it was destroyed by the Aliens. Realising that the main reason for his existence had been destroyed, the Joker decided to take on the mantle of the Bat as well as his own. He kept the body of the original Batman with him as he ruled Gotham and it is assumed it was destroyed when the Aliens levelled the city for the second time. Even after his death Batman aided the heroes as stored in the Batcave was the program to destroy Brother Eye.