Lex Luthor

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Name: Alexander Luthor

Alias: Lex, Metallo

Powers: None

Background: Lex Luthor was appointed as Regent of Earth for unknown reasons after the original Alien Invasion. His time as ruler of Earth was generally considered good compared to those that followed. Outwardly he appeared to be loyal to his Alien masters, but he spent his time as Regent secretly organising a resistance movement and locating the heroes that had survived the original invasion.

On the fifth anniversary of the invasion he struck, launching a simultaneous attack across the planet and attempted to assassinate the Alien leaders gathered for the cerebrations. Unfortunately the alien defences were stronger than he had thought and his revolution failed. Lex himself was thrown from the top of his headquarters by the Khund leader. However, at least part of Lex survived as his brain was transplanted into the metallic body of the villain known as Metallo who apparently did not need his body any more. Lex went underground in a complex of bunkers he had built as a contingency plan and slowly rebuilt his resistance movement. He organised the players attempts to locate the original JLA including his old enemy Superman and the eventual overthrow of the Alien rulers.

After the Revolution, his resistance organisation quickly fragmented into scattered city-states and Lex was appointed the ruler of Metropolis. As one of the most respected men on the planet he was the first choice as chairman of the League, the organisation that he founded and helped to gave a him a near-monopoly on Alien technology. He also founded the Ultramarines and various other organisations. After several years he started to spend less and less time in the public light and there were rumours that he was ill. When his headquarters were destroyed by Brother Eye his robotic body went on a rampage but it was found that his brain was missing. There was some evidence that the brain might have been transplanted into the body of his son Gates but no proof was ever found.