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It turns out that the riders behind the group are White Mandragora, mounted on pony-sized Dire Wolves. Despite misgivings, the group choose to stand their ground rather than attack: fortunately, the Wolf riders are scouts from the Loyalist forces.

In broken Common, their Talon Leader, Kaltosh explains that they have been searching for the group for some time. Hammerfall Pass has had several reports of Remnant forces in the area, but Kaltosh is under orders to hunt down a BoneCaller (a Mandragora Necromancer) - hence his presence in the area. He offers the PCs an escort into the town.

Returning to their quarters in the Last Drop, the group learns that there have been more problems with the Necropolis. A body was stolen from where it lay in vigil. The group visits the house and interview the distraught widow who makes little sense. her young son, Kanly, proves to be of more use and talks about "the angel that took his Daddy away".

The group are somewhat sceptical, and pay a somewhat unsuccessful visit the Patriarch of the Raven Queen. However the party does discover that there were tooth marks on the body, which makes ghouls a likely suspect.

Again the group find themselves sitting in one of the older graveyards of the Necropolis. Two Ghasts (Ghouls that are slightly more powerful, with a debilitating stench), appear and attack the group. When it becomes clear that they are over-matched, the Ghasts flee into the Valshar family crypt.

The group pursues cautiously, but they are sealed inside the crypt when they follow a passage down. It appears that the crypt is far larger then they thought, but they find the dead do not sleep quietly. Attacked by human and bugbear Zombies, the group press on. Within a mageware laboratory further on, Damien Kross finds a wand that radiates necromantic magic, cleverly disguised as part of a candelabra.

The group find a secret door that opens into a cellar. Above are the sounds of someone moving about. Cautiously the party move upstairs to investigate - and the group are then attacked by two Red Mandragora. No explanation is given for the attack, although they seem to be looking for something. Badly outclassed, the group makes use of a web spell to cover their escape from the Valshar mansion, as the sign on the gate states...

The authorities are more concerned with The Remnant group nearby so the party go to see Kaltosh. He agrees to communicate with his superiors, via an arcane communication device. A heated exchange follows with his superiors, and he bluntly tells the party to forget all about the Red Mandragora, but is obviously unhappy with his orders...