Red Mandragora

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Red Mandragora - warriors, steeped in blood.

Of all the Mandragora races, the Red are the most dangerous, the most feared, and the most unpredictable. The Red are extremely violent, hot-tempered and they love to fight. These Mandragora are covered in red scales, ranging in colour from dark orange to a deep red colour. They have two horns that are black in colour and their faces tend towards a cruel and stern appearance. Red Mandragora are powerfully built and heavily muscled. They possess great endurance, being able to force-march or run for miles at a time without stopping to rest. Red Mandragora wear scale or chitin armour, but the magic users wear heavy red robes edged in gold, with armour underneath. The armour covers only the body while greaves and vambraces protect their limbs.

The Red Mandragora are the shock troops and backbone of the Lonaraban military, and regard themselves as a race of warriors. Their entire culture is almost separate from the other Mandragora, dwelling in the vast obsidian citadel of Tar Yaniss located in the southeastern mountains. They have little interest in the affairs of the other Mandragora, and regard the other subspecies as no more than annoyances – and the Red Mandragora are easily annoyed. They respect power in all its forms, but they despise politics, preferring to leave such ‘pointless’ games to the Gold Mandragora. ‘They play and we fight,’ is how the Red Mandragora sum up their relationship with the Shirr’haim. And fight they can: every Red Mandragor child begins to learn how to use a weapon by the time they reach their tenth year.

Red Mandragora have a strong affinity for fire, like their Dragon ancestors and have a powerful resistance to fire and heat. Although they see themselves as warriors, they possess aesthetic qualities that only show themselves when they work with stone, metal, or fire. Their weapons are always finely crafted and their living flame sculptures are creations of incredible beauty. The majority of the Red Mandragora populace are soldiers of some kind, but many have an aptitude for the Art. These FireCallers, as they are known, are gifted spell-casters and are fully versed in the various spells involving fire, or pyromancy. Those who have mastered their magical skills to a high degree are able to form balls of fire from the air itself and hurl them with explosive force at their enemies. Perhaps the most common weapon that the Red Mandragora use is the shi’badaac: a vicious weapon similar to a quarterstaff, but with two long curving blades jutting from either end, requiring considerable skill to wield.