The Remnant

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After the signing of the Accords of Volkraad, a number of Mandragora chose to stay in Volkrania. Some had already made their home there as spies, others saw new opportunities, but many loyal to House Xeduus chose to continue what they had begun in the Purge of Fire. Collectively, these Mandragora from House Xeduus are known as the Remnant.

Remnant raiders are a constant threat in some of the more remote areas, hitting towns and villages quickly and hard - in some cases they have support from agents and sympathisers within towns and cities. They strip the settlement of anything of use and wipe out the inhabitants. In most cases, Volkranian forces arrive too late, although they have had some success eradicating large groups of Remnant raiders. The Remnant are getting more successful at evading Volkranian patrols, and even with the help of "friendly" Mandragora, they still evade capture. With a large number of magic-users in their ranks, Remnant forces often have a significant edge.