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As the PCs leave the bandit complex, it becomes clear that someone is looking for them.

When a group of Green Mandragora trackers are are sighted the group does what it can to avoid them, but they are spotted. At the end of the skirmish it becomes apparent that the pursuers are Remnant forces. When a larger force is spotted, including Lizard riders and magi, the group decides to head over the mountains, avoiding the path and trails.

Disaster nearly strikes when they find themselves close to the Remnant camp. Although they manage to silence the picket sentries quietly and pass through the camp disguised as Green Mandragora, one of the bodies is discovered and the alarm raised. The group dashes to make it across the river as a Gold Mandragora BattleMage and other troops pursue them.

When a fireball explodes among them the group decides that discretion is the better part of valour, and flee into the mountains. They spend a tense night in a cave, exhausted. The following morning, two Velociraptor Hounds locate the party, and the group flees once again.

During their journey, they discover a strange set of markings on a stone in a clearing. The markings on the stone are Abyssal. However, with the Remnant hot on their heels, they choose to press on. As they top the last ridge before Hammerfall Pass, a group of riders mounted on large wolves are spotted behind them...