Green Mandragora

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Green Mandragora - wanderers in the wilderness.

Green Mandragora are solitary wanderers by nature, possessing a restless nature, intensely curious about the world in general. They are slightly more heavy-set than other Mandragora, and many have a distinct portliness or paunch. Green Mandragora have jade, olive, or bright green scales, and their wings are slightly smaller than the other Mandragora species. A dorsal crest runs from the middle of their forehead down their backs and they commonly have red eyes, but yellow or black are also commonplace. They dress in simple tunics and tabards of drab brown or greens. Longbows (Tar-Kritath) are the preferred weapons of the Greens, but they normally also carry a long-bladed hunting krii’gaath, and a kalac.

The Green Mandragora are extremely adaptive, and they are renowned for their skills in hunting and survival. It is widely believed that they can speak the languages of the hawks that wheel in the sky, and of the animals that live in the vast Lonaraban forests. And who is to say that such stories are falsehood? Whatever truth lies in those tales, it is obvious that the Green Mandragora have a powerful affinity with the forest and the hills. They are able to track creatures for miles and they have extremely strong instincts that unnerve most Mandragora. It is widely believed by the other Mandragora that the Greens stalk visitors to the forest for practice, a disturbing experience at best. The Greens deny this, of course, simply claiming that they are ensuring that visitors to the forests are unharmed by the denizens of the woods. They are perhaps the least gregarious Mandragora, preferring their own company, with a deep-seated need to explore their environment on their own. There are no large settlements within the woods, but treetop villages abound, hidden within the branches of the trr’hyr trees that tower above the forest floor.

Oddly enough, this same need to explore their environment has compelled a number of Green Mandragora to become ambassadors to the lands far away from Lonaraban. They are tough, self-sufficient, and extremely intelligent – ideal qualities for a wanderer far from their home. In the human cities, the Green Mandragora are renowned for being friendly and curious about humanity - at least at first. However, the Green Mandragora have a cruel and cunning intellect and strong survival instincts, so the rumours about them stalking other Mandragora may well be true. The remainder of the Greens spend their time hunting the game that abounds in the forests. When a Talon (the basic Mandragora military unit) enters a forest, inevitably the Green Mandragor who functions as a scout in an official capacity. The reality is that the Green really leads the group, who would be lost without their guidance…