The Toll

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The area once known as Cameron Toll is now known simply as the Toll. A shanty town has risen here amid the ruins, filled with those dispossessed from their homes by the Arcanotech Wars. Although the NEG does what it can there is only limited room within the Arcologies, and the area is full of those searching for work and a better life, as well as those that prey on them.

Lack of food and water are a constant problem here and many have turned to violence and crime. Others have suffered Aeon War Syndrome and sit for hours in the streets rocking to and fro. Hard-faced NEG troops hand out emergency rations and recruit who they can, but there is rarely enough food or work to go around.

The Edinburgh Riots caused significant damage to the area, which is also under control of the Black Banshees criminal gang.


  • The NEG only keep feeding people here to recruit them later.
  • Those suffering from Aeon War Syndrome aren't treated in the hospitals as the NEG claim: they're turned out on the streets of The Toll.
  • Every night someone disappears from The Toll.