Black Banshees

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The Black Banshees are a large criminal gang operating out of The Toll. Largely blamed for instigating the Edinburgh Riots, they have long been a problem in that area. Only Nazzadi are permitted to join this gang, and they have extremist views often culminating against violence against local humans. They are almost impossible to find within the area, unless they want to be found - as well as their unpleasant views regarding racial purity and genetic superiority, they have a reputation for people smuggling: both into and out of the arcologies according to FSB intelligence sources within the NEG. There are rumours that the leader is a veteran of the Arcanotech wars, named Ichonla, but no photo or name is on record. Whilst the Black Banshees aren't stupid enough to support the Migou cause openly, there is definite evidence to suggest that they are Migou sympathisers and possibly collaborators.