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Season 1

At the start of the campaign, the characters are caught in an event known as the Choosing.

The Spirits dictate which mortal settlements need to perform the Choosing. They must choose one young of their own to be given away to the spirits, and brought to the wasteland known as The Forbiddance. This was the place of the last confrontation between the armies of Man and Aelfen which marked the end of the Crimson Century, a battle that ended with the anihilation of both forces by the destructive rage of the spirits.

Since then, the spirits have demanded retribution, and lead these unfortunates into the Forbiddance to a fate unknown. Some are seen again, as druid retainers of the spirits of the Forbiddance, guiding the new Chosen to their fate. But most are not heard from again.

Those settlements that denied the spirits' request were obliterated from the land, and since then no one has resisted their demands.

The characters range from all corners of the island of Ivernia, the contested land of the Crimson Century. Men, Aelfen, Dvergar and the Little People are all called to account for providing Chosen, and all of them must be young of age (roughly late teenagehood).

People from each settlement and race pick their Chosen differently, but more often than not they are the unwelcomed ones, the undesirables, even though they might never have broken any laws or harmed anyone.

And so the characters have set out for the Forbiddance, mostly unwilling and kept under close watch by their fellow countrymen. A Prophet often leads the procession, pleading the people to appease the spirits and remain fearful of their wrath.

They have no possessions with them, save for a white ceremonial cloth.

Settings & Story


Jose Fernandez (played by Adam), an Mentalist Didcotte with a penchant for the ladies;

Osric ‘the Wolf’ (played by Gajendra), a human Wulver hunter, feral but with a sense of honour;

Sylrah (played by Sarah), an aelfen gardener intellectual with a magical bent;

Corvus (played by Ross), a human bodyguard out to redeem himself;

Borin (played by Euan), a charismatic dvergr Thundercaller that didn’t quite fit in dvergar society;

Thelgar (played by Brendan), a gruff, foul-mouthed aelfen hunter;

Caley Singleir (played by Anna), a Little Fellow used to a life of subterfuge.

Deldin Amek (played by Ryan), a big, hot-tempered dvergr who hides a surprising intellect.

Bharbo (played by James), a human Wulver warrior, skilled with polearms.

Glim (played by ???), a Little Fellow animal trainer, with a penchant for getting himself into trouble.

Campaign Log

Prologue 1 - Musings over Uncertainties

Prologue 2 - Bitter Fate of a Child

Episode 1 - Lambs

Interlude 1 - Conscription

Lore 1 - Meet the Free Company of Machan

Episode 2 - To protect and serve

Interlude 2 - Tip of the Iceberg

Episode 3 - Nightfall

Episode 4 - Buried History

Season 2: Shadows we cast

The eclipse on midsummer day caused something to escape its confinement at the center of the Forbiddance, and the whole region now is even more off-limits than before. Gone are the druids and Spirit guardians: there's a darkness that lives there now. Day becomes night, the land itself changes and twists, decays and brings despair. And there are things in that darkness. Sometimes it spreads outwards, for the sun no longer travels straigth through the sky.

Since the solstice, four months have passed. The event brought with it a curse: the dead no longer stay quiet in their sleep. They just keep going. Moving, aching, starving. The Free Company of Machan has had its hands full defending panicked townspeople from their own deceased elderly and sick.

In the meantime, tension have increased again with the Fair folk, south of the Crimmswood, over an apparent misunderstanding of murders and kidnappings. It escalated to the point of the Drov'galiin, the most militant (read terrorist) arm of the non-humans, getting involved and attacking a Manfolk town outright. Apparently, the situation drove the fervourously religious townspeople to ritual sacrifices, which may or may not have disturbed the river Spirit of the Rhon: a gigantic serpent, who enraged proceeded to lay waste to the town and all other settlements downriver. The great port of Gallaenig was laid to waste, killing hundreds of people and displacing thousands.

The Milesians are seeing this as their chance to gain more influence over the Fringe provinces, because, whether they like it or not, they need their protection.

Now, the weather is getting colder and the days shorter... darker and with less light to keep fear away. What is behind the curse of the living dead? Is it connected to what happened at the Forbiddance? Are there practicioners of the black arts, demon summoners and necromancers, involved in this? What are the Spirits doing, letting us sink into this despair?

Settings & Story


Jose Fernandez (played by Adam), an Mentalist Didcotte with a penchant for the ladies;

Borin (played by Euan), a charismatic dvergr Thundercaller that didn’t quite fit in dvergar society;

Bharbo (played by James), a human Wulver warrior, skilled with polearms.

Marah (played by Lucia), a young brooding woman, with magical powers of light.

Kern (played by Nick), a devious gnome alchemist, specialist in poisons and sniping

Obadiah (played by Adam), a human ex-Milesian warrior, superstitious and with a short temper.

Illirian (played by Gonzalo), a young elfen scout, with a strong sense of duty

Leonon (played by Callum), a pistol-slinging dhampir

Sussessa (played by Claire), a gnome thornshaper

Campaign Log

Episode 1 - The other side of the fence

Interlude - Sugnir's Journeybook, 132nd-133rd days of Summer

Episode 2 - The cage of witchery part 1

Interlude - Interrogation

Episode 3 - The cage of witchery part 2

Episode 4 - The grove of vermin

Episode 5 - Poisons

Interlude - Sugnir's journeybook, 176th-181st days of Summer

Episode 6 - The middleman

Epilogue - Sugnir's journeybook, 1st day of Winter

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