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The Company is one of the many fianna functioning around the southern part of Ivernia. They are human institutions, semi-independent bands of warriors, working for hire most of the year but are on call for the rulers of the region in case of conflict. In return, they enjoy accommodation within the rulers’ castles during wintertime and support from communities in the form of supplies.

The Free Company was formed from several other small fiannas, less than a decade ago, under the banner of Connal MacDára. During this time, his position has never been challenged, and he has accepted within the Company individuals of other races, a fact that is extremely revolutionary and with which not everyone is happy. Enialor, the white lion aelfen chieftain, has sworn allegiance to MacDára, and since then his band of warriors has swollen the Company's ranks, and opened the door for all manner of non-humans and other freaks.

The group now stands at roughly 60 strong (a third of it being non-human), possesses a Titan airship, dvergar firearms and members versed in spellcraft.

So far, most of the fennids still treat you with suspicion and arrogance, and at some point each of you has suffered some form of hazing.

Rigfennid Connal MacDára

The rigfennid is a stern, serious man. The others fennids seem indeed to hold him in very high regard. His bearing is of someone who has seen most of what the world can possibly throw at a person, and his face never betrays any expression of surprise.

From what you’ve heard, he was the one responsible for putting together such a mixed-race fianna, and he was the one interested in recruiting people with unusual abilities.

Simid Andarsen

A drill instructor, in charge of guiding some of the new recruits. Simid is gruff, brash and to the point, and seems prone to mood swings (which might likely stem from his noticeable alcohol problem).

Apparently not a very reliable and responsible individual, he nevertheless is very experienced and fiercely loyal to his fellow fennids.

He is currently leading an advance force of fennids that he inducted himself, under orders of the rigfennid.

Quartermaster Raugran of Iarholm

The quartermaster is a somewhat apathetic, sullen dvergr, who nonetheless goes about his business with extreme diligence.

He essentially keeps the fianna running: acquires and distributes supplies, oversees manufacture, repairs and acquisition of new materials, and essentially answers only to the rigfennid.

He is one of the most reliable people on the whole company, and he always manages to find the right tool for the job (or the next best thing)

Artair MacNeis

Artair is a lean man in his thirties, polite enough but incredibly dismissive of everyone he doesn’t have pressing business with.

He performs several things in the fianna, so much that essentially everyone ends up depending on the man for one thing or another. He is the specialist physician of the company, and is also responsible for all the bookkeeping, being as well the rigfennid’s advisor.

Campfire talk says that he is probably the most skilled of all of them at diplomacy: he is specifically called to deal with more sensitive matters and arrangements with contractors, and has bailed them out of tricky situations before.

Gurne of Monad Rhu





Giddy Jon





A former aelfen chieftain and war leader. Somehow he has joined forces with rigfennid MacDára, but why no one know for certain. The aelfen veterans that accompanied him don't share the reason either.

Since this coalition was created, the aelfen haven taken a prideful but cooperative attitude towards the rest of the Company, which over time eased the other fennids to accept the rigfennid's decision of taking in other non-humans and those with strange abilities.



Karvall 'Darkeye'


Argent Eagle


Master Teer

Pippen & Merie

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