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Names, stats, etc. all required:


  • THE ILLUMINATED. LizardFolk who worship the Serpent gods, including nobility and OVERKING. They are "civilised" to an extent, although differences exist. Ruling caste of LizardFolk. Many are rulers of tribes throughout the jungle.
  • The UNENLIGHTENED. LizardFolk who follow shamanism, the "Old Ways". They worship Semuanya. May also be cannibalistic and hostile to PCs.
  • LIZARDFOLK HALF-FIENDS. Found in the Southern Jungle.
  • The OVERKING, Sa'arthis Kaa, Sorceror 10. Ruler of the LizardFolk Nation, aware of the danger to his nation. Possible genetic memory and communication with his ancestors (magic item?)
  • THE TRAITOR, Va'karash, Fighter 9/Sorceror 7 . His tribe have formed an alliance with the Yuan-ti and are breeding Half-Fiends in the southern jungle.
  • WARRIOR SOCIETIES. Similar to teams, seeking to outdo each as paramount warriors. Animal style emblems, body paint, etc.
  • KOBOLDS. A ‘lesser’ race of LizardFolk, and are found deep in the jungle. Spiteful and scavenging, they attack in large numbers.


(Humans, Dwarves, et al)

  • WATCH COMMANDER - Rufus Marston (Fighter 7, Assassin 5), an apparent alcoholic who's best years are behind him. This is a disguise. Rufus is a capable assassin/sorceror and an agent of Voltar Infernus (the Hellfire Wyrm).
  • TOWN WATCH. A dozen individuals of dubious merit.
  • GOVERNOR: Edward Dominton, (0-level). A stern, intelligent and brusque individual. He is best viewed as a someone who dislikes troublemakers e.g. the PCs. Wields more political than personal power.
  • SENIOR MAGIC-USER: Vittorio Haspain. A wizard (not a sorcerer) with a past, one of the founders of the Magical renaissance. A middle-aged, overweight and somewhat arrogant individual. Dismissive of fighters and hates being stuck in Port Calachetta. He never talks of his past.
  • MERCHANT COMPANIES. Heads of bickering companies employ mercenaries, with the situations sometimes turning violent. The major three companies consist of Silver Crescent (run by DURUTHA SANGH), Blue River (represented by EDUARDO MARTINEZ) and Twin Horizons (ROBERTO MASSIMO).
  • SMUGGLERS. As usual, trying to avoid official duties. Ship captains making money on the side.
  • SPIES. From a foreign nation or company looking to sabotage New World operations. Also some Devil worshippers (assassins with magic use?) are here to subvert the working of the cultists, and hinder the Demonic (Tanar'ri) efforts in the BloodWar.
  • ADVENTURERS. Other parties are already there.
  • DWARVES. Mining operations in the hills and mountains. The Dwarf Community is lead by ALBRAK KoSHARAK, (Fighter 3/Cleric of Moradin 5).
    • CULTISTS OF MERRSHAULK. Duped by the Yuan-ti, these cultists are found in all levels of PORT CALACHETTA society.
    • CHURCH OF ST. CUTHBERT. Operated by JAVIER MARTINEZ (Cleric 5/Fighter 4), brother of EDUARDO MARTINEZ.
    • FLOTSAM and JETSAM. Two Halvorc brothers who run the FLOTSAM & JETSAM INN. Flotsam (Fighter 6) provides security and is a broker of information, while Jetsam (Fighter 5) runs the inn and is a gourmet cook.
    • Cephi's casino.


  • HALFLING SAVAGES (Cannibals?). Existing on outlying islands.
  • GNOME SAVAGES. Existing on outlying islands.


Voltar Infernus is a Hellfire Wyrm (see New World Beastiary). He acts through proxies (i.e. other agents) and may arrive to take a personal interest (in polymorphed form) later. Should he discover the existence of the Half-Fiends he will take a more active role.


The CELESTIALS are trapped on this plane and restricted to the Plateau.

  • PLANETARS Sent to initially watch over the CITY OF THE DEAD, five PLANETAR ANGELS were sent with an attendant staff of Astral Devas. They and the others were trapped on this plane when the first Darklight beacon was destroyed. They are named HUAN (F), CHIA (M), AURAYA (F), JOAL (M), and MYASTAR (M)
    • Huan, Healing and Death. The Warrior. A force of renewal and rebirth.
    • Chia, Chaos and Protection. The Moderator, speaks only when needed, is understood and agreed with. Believes that free will is more important than structure, unless that is her/his own structure of course.
    • Auraya, Fire and Water. The Dark One, the one who expects obedience from all who behold her.
    • Joal, Earth and Air. The Essence, Balance and purity are everything.
    • Myastar. War and Good, The Righteous One, fights for all that is injustice and unfair, righter of wrongs.
  • ASTRAL DEVA LEADER. Firmly devoted to the PLANETARS.
  • ASTRAL DEVA REBELS. Believe the truth about the CITY OF THE DEAD but cannot act directly.
  • COUATL. Firmly sided with the REBELS, the COUATL know the truth of the whole matter, as descendants of Quetzalcoatl. Constrained by an oath, but they can freely travel. They are seen as holy emissaries by the Illuminated.


(found in the CITY OF THE DEAD)

  • LICHES. The transferral of power to each OVERKING turns the predecessor to a Lich. They are totally dedicated to preserving the CITY OF THE DEAD. Mainly existing only in incorporeal form.
  • DARKLIGHT UNDEAD: LizardFolk Guardians. Similar to Death Knights/Ring-Wraiths, these are the voluntary sacrifices made every year by each winning warrior society. They are free-willed and are loyal only to the Liches of the CITY OF THE DEAD.


  • PUREBLOODS & ABOMINATIONS. A number of Pureblood have position of power in the town. Although humans form the cult’s members, the priesthood is exclusively Yuan-ti. The Abominations conceal themselves below ground in the Undercity. The Purebloods pass themselves off as human, explaining their exotic appearance as Southerners. Many of them are involved in the SILVER CRESCENT trading company.
  • DURUTHA SANGH, Yuan-ti Sorceror 7. Leader of the Yuan-ti and Head of the SILVER CRESCENT trading company.