King's Buildings

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The King's Buildings are located right beside the Southside Arcology wall, bordering The Toll. No longer used by the university, it is largely abandoned although squatters have moved into some of the deserted buildings.

It's still unclear as to what happened in room 46 of the Arcanotech department of Edinburgh University last year, as little is known and much is classified. Jalal Rao, a post-doctorate student, was doing work regarding electromagnetic jamming technology. At approximately 1.06PM SST (Seattle Standard Time)/ 2.08AM (GMT), a wave of bright light resonated from the lab, destroying it and radiating a half a mile from the source. As a result of this no electronic technology works in the area - peeks, communication devices or D-engines, all are inactive. Batteries drain in minutes.

Rao's body was never found, and is the subject of many wild conspiracy theories. What is known is that he should have not been in the building, his project was to be closed down as the NEG had concerns as to his research, and that all arcane wards and fail-safes had been switched off. Friends spoke of him becoming paranoid and withdrawn in recent months.

The end result is that the King's Buildings are largely ruined and inhabited by New Age squatters and the Luddite-influenced. The NEG maintains a cordon to prevent lawlessness, but that is the extent of their interest in the area.


  • Rao wasn't killed. Some have heard screaming and sobbing coming from where the lab stood.
  • Other creatures have moved into the ruin according to rumour. Either way, the warren of buildings make if difficult for the Office Of Internal Security to search completely, and those that go missing are unlikely to be reported...