Green Lantern

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Name: Hal Jordan

Alias: Green Lantern

Powers: Light and matter generation

Background: Green Lantern was believed to have been killed in the orbital bombardment of his home, Coast city. However, it was later discovered that he had survived but had lost his powers and his memory. He became the ruler of a small settlement populated by the meagre survivors of Coast city and tried to keep below the notice of the Alien forces.

He was mostly successful and the town prospered. This changed when the heroes attempted to track him down: they found the town but did not recognise the old hero. Hal's memory mostly returned when an Alien force attacked the town under his protection, he regained his powers and used them to destroy the attacking aliens. He chose to remain and protect his people rather than return with the heroes to Metropolis but left them a method of contacting him if needed.

During the Revolution he helped to free most of America's west coast from Alien rule and was summoned to Metropolis to try and stop the Gene bomb device which he unfortunately failed to do although his powers were useful in containing those who were effected. After the overthrow of the Aliens he was elected the ruler of a coalition of west coast city-states and oversaw the reconstruction of Coast City. Under his rule the area became one of the most liberal allowing citizenship to both Meta-humans and Aliens. His high profile allowed Brother Eye to learn his weaknesses and quickly to neutralise him during his attempt to take over the world. Shortly after the overthrow of Brother Eye he mysteriously disappeared after claiming that someone was trying to call him home. He has not been seen since.