Ghastly Behaviour

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The rookie agents of Section 13 are given their first assignment by Agent Smith. For some reason, a transport has crashed in the badlands between the New Town and Granton arcologies. It has been following a posted flightpath, and Smith is wondering if it's a "Black Bag" flight, smuggling in goods or living cargo.

Using the Saracen, the groups easily find the transport using the homing beacon. It has crashed, and was definitely transporting live cargo - of the apparently humanoid variety. The pilot is dead, and his wounds suggest that he died before the transport crashed - he has been gutted like a fish. The group find a number of tracks leading toward the Granton Arcology were someone careless has left a maintenance hatch secured.

The group follows the tracks into the maintenance ducts of the arcology; they are forced to split up when a single set of tracks appears to lead off in a separate direction towards a municipal zone. Half the group continues to follow the trail into what seems to be overgrown parkland: actually the parkland surrounding the Gallery of Modern Art. The agents also discover that their comms are being jammed by some pretty high technology: they're on their own.

The security guards at the Gallery are dead: something has torn them to shreds and was also very hungry apparently. There's not much of them left: forewarned, the agents creep in to try and secure the building. It's not long before they discover that they are being hunted too: four ghasts have claimed the building as their new lair and have decided to celebrate by decorating the gallery with the team's blood and entrails. It's pretty messy and the team take some heavy hits before they're able to gun down three of the ghasts; but the fourth, the largest, has disappeared. That's when the group hears gunfire from outside, and the sound of something heavy pulling up.

Meanwhile the other agents track the single set of footprints... to hear screams from nearby. A naked human male is staggering down the street, covered in blood. The agents tell him to stay where he is, following their training, but he whirls around impossibly fast, his form shifting into that of a monstrous humanoid wielding a serrated bone spur over his claws. The agents don't hesitate gunning him down before he can tear into the helpless crowds of the arcology.

Within the gallery, the group finds the bodies of two men dressed in combat armour and carrying railguns. Their "earwig" earpiece let the group listen and they discover that the dead men are part of a team to clean up the mess and leave no witnesses - also their comms are working again. There's nothing to identify them, but they are dressed alike and the ghast has obviously been hurt by them: it's not far away at this point and is enraged enough to attack whatever it is the group just heard. Lobbing a stolen grenade in its general direction, the group hear the Ghast scream in pain as they take off out a fire escape.

The other agents head out to the gallery, but come under fire from the railguns of the remaining wetwork team. After a couple of well-place shots drop some of their would-be assassins, the agents lose themselves in the arcology crowds. For the remainder of the night the shadows crawl around the team, as bat-like humanoids stalk the roof tops hunting from the group in a most disquieting and organised way...

The following day (after a terrifying night of cat and mouse), they make it safely back to The Basement, Section 13's HQ. There they learn that, before it crashed, the transport broadcast some tight-beam message to a location somewhere in the Old Town.