George St. Pierre

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A Noble from Scintilla, the Capital world of the Calixis sector, George has always been very cool headed. Abandoning his role to become the manager of his family's estate, George instead joined the ranks of the Adeptus Arbites. There he lead a crack team that successfully took down a cartel with minimal casualties. His tactical prowess and grace under pressure earned him the attention of then-Interrogator Cain Velasquez. As soon as Cain Velasquez became Inquisitor, George was brought on board as his first Interrogator.

It is no secret that the heads of the Ordo Hereticus have their eyes on George as a possible Inquisitor in a few years time.

Life as Interrogator

Although his accent betrays his noble lineage, George is nothing if not humble. He always tries to nurture the abilities of his Acolytes, driving them towards excellence. No one under his care has ever witnessed him lose his composure, even with the most difficult of servants.

He leads his own investigations, usually bringing other Arbites with him for on-field training. When it comes to battle he always personally leads the charge.

Real Life George St. Pierre

George St. Pierre is the Welterweight Champion of the UFC.