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A brutal Inquisitor of the holy Ordos Hereticus, Cain has had a remarkably brief career as Inquisitor. Originally conscripted from Cadia into the Imperial Guard, his relentless work ethic quickly earned him promotion to the rank of Captain and the eye of the Inquisition. After a tour on Armageddon where Cain served under Adeptus Astartes, he was brought on as an Interrogator to the Inquisition. Five short years later, he was made Inquisitor.

Life as Inquisitor

Although only having served as Inquisitor for ten years, Cain has his eyes on rising up through the ranks with glorious service to the Emperor. He has five Interrogators working beneath him, each leading their own crack team and with dozens of Acolytes ready at any time to aid the work of his Interrogators.

As a leader, Cain demands everyone serving him live up to his relentless work ethic and obeys the chain of command. Once a prospective Acolyte has been found, he must go through a tightly regimented physical evaluation, mental evaluation as well as prove proficiency in a specific field. Once through this process, Cain and his Interrogators make it a point to break the Acolyte and build them up again through unarmed gladiatorial matches.

After the Acolyte has been molded back together as an iron warrior, Cain leaves the Acolytes in the hands of his competent Interrogators. He stays out of the day to day work of his subordinates, ordering his troops where they are needed from his Frigate. For the duration of the mission, Cain will be orbiting the planet and sending Acolytes where they are needed.

Real Life Cain Velasquez

Velasquez is the Heavyweight Champion of the UFC.